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Lemeshko N.

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State-of-the-art capabilities of jitter analysis in high-speed digital devices using R&S RTO-K12 option

Issue: KIPiS 2019 #2

The present article demonstrates the state-of-the-art capabilities of jitter analysis in high-speed digital devices by the example of R&S RTO-K12 option. The author suggests analyzing the reasons that may cause jitter, classification of its components and the main approaches to its reduction, as well as the typical consequences of this phenomenon appearance when operating digital devices. This article also demonstrates the existing methods of jitter analysis and shows examples of measurements using R&S RTO-K12 option to estimate temporal and statistical characteristics of digital signal jitter.

Radio interference search and analysis by using R&S FSH handheld spectrum analyzer

Issue: KIPiS 2015 #5

In the present article they consider the question of spectrum analyzers use when solving electromagnetic compatibility problem. Here you will find the analysis of the main tasks in the field of EMC and also read about the advantages of handheld spectrum analyzers comparing to the nonportable laboratory devices. In this article R&S FSH series spectrum analyzers are compared to the initial and average level devices which may help you to see the way they can replace each other when solving the described tasks.

Experimental estimate of the characteristics of semiconductor element performance using R&S RTO series oscilloscopes

Issue: KIPiS 2015 #3

Analysis of dynamic characteristics of loads and parameters of secondary power sources using oscilloscopes R&S RTO

Issue: KIPiS 2014 #6

The present article describes the use of oscillography in forming solutions for electrotechnical tasks including analysis of dynamic characteristics of secondary supply source loads and parameters. In this article you will read about the methods for analysis of dynamic characteristics, about the particularities of oscilloscope connection to electrotechnical circuits. Hereof you will get to know of the ability to use R&S RTO-K13 option for the analysis of power supply parameters. Also you will see the examples of this option use to measure the starting current and current harmonics.

Measuring absolute electric area of alternating pulses with math waveforms

Issue: KIPiS 2014 #2

The present article introduces the method to measure absolute electric area of alternating pulses using math waveforms. There is a detailed analysis of the mostly used pulse measurement methods given within this article as well as the acceptability assessment for the specified parameter. From this article you will get to know about the necessary requirements to oscilloscopes for this measurement type and see measurement examples of complex signals received using R&S RTM series oscilloscope.


Current issue
#6 December 2019
KIPiS 2019 #6
Topic of the issue:
New instrumentation