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Levin S.

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Mathematical theory of measurement problems: applications. Calibration or verification? «Problems» of inaccuracy to uncertainty calculation

Issue: KIPiS 2017 #6

This year on April 19 there came Government resolution ¹737 «Concerning the confirmation of the Strategy to assure the measurement uniformity in Russian Federation up to 2025». As a result Federal Service for Accreditation set the requirement for the calibration laboratories to express the measurement capabilities through «uncertainty» when forming the accreditation scopes. The present article describes the influence it may cause to the measurement results and the possible problems that may appear when calculating the inaccuracy to uncertainty…

Mathematical theory of measurement problems: applications. Metrology: definitions and terms, phraseological units and catachreses

Issue: KIPiS 2017 #1 / KIPiS 2017 #2

Nothing characterizes the science more than its terminology. And at the same nothing causes so many discussions like terms and definitions. In fact incorrect definitions in the metrology lead to the incorrect determination of the measurement task sometimes resulting in the wrong and nonsense method choice to solve this task. More details concerning this problem you will find within the present article written by Professor S. Levin.

Mathematical theory of measurement problems: applications. Measurement task to check the compliance of measuring instruments to the specified requirements

Issue: KIPiS 2016 #6

Test procedures of measuring instruments consider the meeting of a set of conditions and terms as well as the parameters selection. Read the present article to know about the particular problems that can be faced while checking the measuring instrument compliance, how to solve this measurement task and also how to ensure the correctness of the test results.

Mathematical theory of measurement problems: applications. Postulates and conceptions or mathematics in metrology

Issue: KIPiS 2016 #3

At the moment there are lots of discussions and disagreements resulting from the measurement uncertainty and terms connected herewith. There is opinion that Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement (GUM) contains rather contradictory assertions that may bring much confusion. Read the present article to find more details about the measurement uncertainty issue and the related questions.

Mathematical theory of measurement problems: applications

Issue: KIPiS 2014 #3 / KIPiS 2014 #4

In this article you will find very interesting facts about the beginning of space research as well as about those who were the originators in this sphere.


Current issue
#6 December 2017
KIPiS 2017 #6
Topic of the issue:
Modern instrumentation