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Sukhanov E.

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AKTAKOM ACE-1768 multifunctional module for smart home systems and its software capabilities

Issue: KIPiS 2017 #2

For up-to-date smart home systems or automation in laboratories or offices it’s necessary to have compact multifunctional devices to process discrete signals. AKTAKOM ACE-1768 is one of such devices. This is an input-output module designed for centralized systems construction to remotely control the condition of discrete or analog output sensors as well as to operate the devices using a single positional fastacting metal-oxide-semiconductor relay.

Operating digigrams with AKTAKOM software

Issue: KIPiS 2016 #5

It’s a well-known fact that oscilloscope measurements result in oscillogram. In respect to logic analyzers the situation is quite different because there is no common name accepted and existing for the digital data set resulting from their measurement. Sometimes they use such terms like «digital signal» or «datagram» but their meanings are either too broad or reflect some other specified technical processes. For our article we have chosen «digigram» term derived from «digital oscillogram». To operate these digigrams you may use software under world famous AKTAKOM trademark. The operation process is described within the present article in a very detail.

Interpolation in digital oscillogaphy

Issue: KIPiS 2010 #5

Digital oscilloscopes, unlike their analog counterpart, measure the input signal not continuous but at discrete moments of time. On the one hand the device should display the most accurate measurements, on the other — it is difficult to visually perceive the shape of signal displayed as just a set of dots. There is a need to «draw a continuous line on certain dots» but the question is: how to do this? This article tells about different methods of signal interpolation, their benefits and disadvantages.

The universal software for data recorders of nonelectrical quantities AKTAKOM Data Logger Monitor

Issue: KIPiS 2010 #4

Modern low-cost handheld devices often have interfaces for connection to a PC allowing to use them as a universal data recorder. Mostly in such devices RS-232 protocol and quite simple software are used. However, in modern computers, especially laptops, RS-232 interface is found less often and limited software functions do not allow to make a full use of measurement results. This article describes AKTAKOM ATT series — budget instrumentation for nonelectrical quantities which has multifunctional software and the capability to connect to a PC via USB-interface.

Advanced trigger options in AKTAKOM PC-based oscilloscopes

Issue: KIPiS 2010 #3

Oscilloscope is the most important instrument for radio engineers allowing to obtain maximum information about the signal with only one tool. In addition to its main function — signal visualization — modern oscilloscope can also function as a voltmeter, frequency meter, spectrum analyzer… Oscilloscope became essential for equipment debugging, search and analysis of different errors and anomalies, and search for highly unlikely events. In this article readers will get to know about capabilities and special operation modes of digital storage oscilloscope AKTAKOM ACK-3102 with 1T option.


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#3 June 2019
KIPiS 2019 #3
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