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Keysight Technologies Introduces PXIe Digital Stimulus/Response Module with Multiple Module Synchronization, Pattern Editing Software

Keysight Technologies Introduces PXIe Digital Stimulus/Response Module with Multiple Module Synchronization, Pattern Editing Software


Keysight Technologies, Inc. announced an improved, high-speed, 16-channel, PXIe digital stimulus/response (DSR) module with pattern editing development software. The improved DSR synchronizes up to 12 modules or 192 channels, a powerful and unique capability for applications in design validation and production test. The pattern editing development software enables test engineers to quickly create and edit waveform patterns or to import digital patterns created by automatic test generation applications and other sources.

The M9195B PXIe digital stimulus/response module, an improved version of the M9195A model, adds the following new capabilities:

  • Synchronization of up to 12 modules providing up to 192 channels with industry-leading channel-to-channel skew of ±300 ps across all modules
  • Triggers and markers providing synchronization with other instruments in a mixed-signal test system
  • Low leakage mode (< 1.5nA) for low-power device/wafer testing

One of two new development software packages, the M9192A digital pattern editor software enables editing of patterns and timing information in a single, graphical window. Engineers can drag-and-drop error log files generated by the DSR into the waveform editor making visible discrepancies between the expected and actual states of the DUT. With the software, test engineers can now generate and validate their own test patterns. The M9193A digital pattern editor with data converters software enables utilization of digital pattern files from various types of automatic test program generators (ATPGs). Test engineers can read vector files using an appropriate converter and then edit them using the pattern editor. Both software development tools provide fast test development and debug based on the Solstice-TDS platform from Test Systems Strategies, Inc. (, an industry leader in design-to-test solutions.

"The Internet of Things carries many challenges along with opportunities," said Hau Lam, CEO Test Systems Strategies, Inc. "Test strategies need to be intelligently automated as well as efficiently deployed in order to catch the intensely competitive and rapidly narrowing market window. We are very honored to have been selected by Keysight to integrate our leading and state-of-the-art solutions into their winning platform."

"These new capabilities were developed based on feedback from customers using the M9195A to help them further speed validation and production test development time," said Mario Narduzzi, Keysight Communication Solutions Group marketing manager. "Working with Test Systems Strategies allowed us to bring this solution to market faster."

Keysight's rapid repair turnaround, with industry-leading calibration core exchange strategy and standard three-year warranty, maximizes system uptime to reduce the total cost of ownership.

Additional information about Keysight's PXIe digital stimulus/response module and pattern editor and data converters is available at

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