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Agilent Technologies, Nexus Technology Deliver DDR3 Memory Bus Debug Solutions

Agilent Technologies, Nexus Technology Deliver DDR3 Memory Bus Debug Solutions


SANTA CLARA, Calif., and Nashua, NH, Nov. 9, 2009

Agilent Technologies Inc. and Nexus Technology Inc. today made available DDR3-1867 DIMM and DDR3-1600 SODIMM slot interposer test solutions. These test solutions are the ideal tools for designers performing DDR3 DIMM or SODIMM validation, failure analysis, and bus functional-parametric validation in servers, supercomputing, desktops, laptops and computing applications.

The test solutions are comprised of the Agilent 16962A logic analyzer module and either a Nexus NT-DDR3DIHS or Nexus NT-DDR3SOIHS slot interposer for next-generation, double-data rate (DDR3) SDRAM buses.

The new interposers are designed for use with the Agilent 16900 Series logic analyzer providing state analysis and protocol decode at up to 1,867 mega-transfers per second (MT/s) for DDR3 DIMM applications and 1,600MT/s for SODIMM applications.

This is the industry's most comprehensive DDR3 test platform, offering the industry's fastest full-channel 2.0GT/s 16962A logic analysis module; a complete probing portfolio for DDR3 BGA, DIMM and SODIMM; and the first DDR3 compliance and performance software environment.

Agilent's 16962A logic analysis module with 2.0 GT/s state speed and 2GHz trigger sequence speed enables full capability to reliably trigger and capture DDR3-1867 signals. When used with these new DDR3 probing solutions and analysis software tools, this module provides full test capability for system integration in the memory industry.

"The new Agilent 16962A module, when used with Nexus DIMM and SODIMM interposers, provides superior insight into DDR3 bus activity," said Jun Chie, marketing manager for Logic and Protocol Test at Agilent. "This solution setup is more proof of Agilent's commitment to provide designers of DDR devices with the ideal toolset to address their test challenges."

Benefits of the 16962A logic analyzer module and Nexus DDR3 DIMM and SODIMM solution setups include:

  • Interposer design provides flexibility and ease of use for testing and digital validation of different DDR3 DIMMs or SODIMMs.
  • Software components speed setup and simplify analysis. The solution includes software that helps users to comprehend acquired data and enhance usability. Protocol-decode software interprets bus data and displays it in protocol, hexadecimal or binary format. Auto-configuration files facilitate quick logic analyzer setup.
  • Interposer support for DIMMs. The solution supports a 240-pin, 933 MHz clock (1866 MT/s data rate), 64-/72-bit, Un-buffered Synchronous Double Date Rate 3 DRAM Dual In-Line Memory Module (DDR3 SDRAM DIMM).
  • Interposer support for SODIMMs. The solution supports a 204-pin, 800 MHz clock (1600 MT/s data rate), 64-bit, Un-buffered Synchronous Double Date Rate 3 DRAM Small Outline Dual In-Line Memory Module (DDR3 SDRAM SODIMM).

Additional information about Agilent's 16962A logic analyzer module is available at Information about Nexus' DDR3 interposers is available at

A backgrounder about memory technologies and Agilent's test solutions is available at

More information about Agilent's DDR test solutions is available at

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