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Tektronix Introduces Timer/Counter/Analyzers

Tektronix Introduces Timer/Counter/Analyzers


Tektronix, Inc., the world's leading manufacturer of oscilloscopes, announced the FCA3000 and FCA3100 Series of timer/counter/analyzers and the MCA3000 Series of microwave counter/analyzers. These instruments smoothly integrate with other Tektronix bench instruments, such as oscilloscopes and arbitrary/function generators, and deliver industry-leading frequency and time resolution coupled with lower cost of ownership.

Instruments such as the FCA and MCA Series are used for measurement and analysis of frequency, time or phase signal parameters in design, production, calibration labs or in field applications such as radar equipment monitoring and test. Critical factors in this segment include high-performance for better accuracy, analysis tools to quickly find answers to design problems and support for fast data transfer rates. With this introduction, Tektronix delivers more performance and features at price points comparable to less capable alternatives.

“The addition of these timer/counters, as well as power supplies, to the Tektronix line of bench instruments reflects our customers’ need to make complex measurements that often require multiple test instruments – and the challenge of dealing with different front panels and interfaces,” said Mike Flaherty, general manager, bench instruments, Tektronix. “Since 8 out of 10 design engineers use our oscilloscopes, it makes sense for us to offer complementary instruments with the same ease-of-use and familiar operation, as well as performance and quality, as Tektronix oscilloscopes. And, we’ve ensured all of our bench instruments can easily connect through a common PC software for integrated test scenarios.”

Industry-Leading Performance, Features

With industry-leading performance, the new timer/counter/analyzers allow design engineers to make over 13 different frequency, period, time, pulse, or phase measurements with high resolution. Comprehensive analysis modes include measurement statistics, histograms, and trend plots. Dedicated buttons and on-display menus provide fast access to frequently used functions, reducing set up time. USB and GPIB device ports support remote control and fast measurement transfer speeds.

For manufacturing applications that require fast test times, the instruments provide 250,000 samples/sec data transfer rate to internal memory, up to 15,000 samples/sec data transfer rate over USB/GPIB (block mode), and up to 650 individually triggered measurements per second. And the FCA3100 Series’ counter features continuous data streaming of measurements over GPIB/USB, with zero dead-time, creating a dynamic measurement analysis system. This feature is vital for mechanical and medical measurements where every single cycle must be measured.

The FCA3000 and FCA3100 Series offer a wide frequency range up to 20 GHz. This includes two standard inputs at 300 MHz, and the option of a third channel input in either 3 or 20 GHz models. These instruments deliver 12-digit/sec frequency resolution and single-shot resolution of 50 ps (FCA3100) or 100 ps (FCA3000) for time.

The MCA3000 Series comes standard with two 300 MHz input channels, and the choice of a 27 GHz or 40 GHz high frequency input channel — two instruments in one with all the same functionality as the FCA3000 Series. The instruments provide 12-digit/sec frequency resolution and 100 ps single-shot time resolution. With an integrated power meter, the MCA Series provides measurement of frequency and power with a single connection at any supported frequency level.

To simplify complex tasks, customers can use the included Tektronix Edition of LabVIEW SignalExpress™ software from National Instruments to remotely control supported Tektronix instruments from a Windows-based personal computer. This offers the ability to automate measurements, analyze data across multiple instruments, capture and save results, and create reports.

The optional TimeView™ modulation domain analysis software for a Windows-based personal computer provides deeper analysis of signal characteristics, enabling customers to analyze frequency changes over time when used with the FCA and MCA Series.


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