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Keithley’s free technical online seminar on Electrical Resistivity Measurements of Bulk Materials

Keithley’s free technical online seminar on Electrical Resistivity Measurements of Bulk Materials


Keithley Instruments invites to participate in free technical online seminar “Electrical Resistivity Measurements of Bulk Materials: Conductors, Insulators, and Semiconductors”.

By participating in this free seminar, you will learn and understand how to overcome the challenges associated with making specific resistivity measurements. In addition, you will learn measurements methods and techniques and sources of error. Sign up now!

The webinar provides details on the various resistivity methods and techniques used to achieve optimal results. Participants will learn the fundamentals of making resistivity measurements on bulk materials. The methods vary depending on if the material is a conductor, an insulator, or a semiconductor. Some of the specific methods include

  • making four-wire resistance measurements of metals
  • volume and surface resistivity measurements of insulators
  • four-point collinear probe and van der Pauw measurement methods of semiconductor materials.

In addition to discussing these methods, measurement techniques that pertain to the method are also detailed. Some of the many techniques and sources of error discussed include

  • electrostatic interference and shielding
  • leakage current and guarding
  • thermoelectric EMFs and offset compensation
  • and others. 

Along with using the proper method and techniques, selecting the appropriate instrumentation to make the desired measurements is also been discussed.

The 1-hour seminar is accompagnied by an interactive Q&A capability (during live broadcast) where you can ask the presenter questions for additional insight on this important topic.

Target Audience:
This webinar is recommended for materials researchers, research labs, physicists, universities, and companies who need to test resistivity of their products (solar cell, plastics, paper, tires, semiconductor, etc.).

Attendance to participate in this important industry event is free.

When is it?
Europe: Thursday, November 18, 2010
15:00 CET Central European Time (UTC/GMT: 14:00)

How To Register?
The seminar will be broadcasted over the internet and requires your registration prior to the event.

Register today to reserve your place for this invaluable seminar!
Attendance to participate in this important industry event is free, but space is limited, so sign up now!

To register for this webcast seminar click here.
You will receive confirmation and log-in information prior to the event.

Keithley Instruments,

Company profile:  Keithley Instruments

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