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Spectracom ends the year with information about some new products: STA-61 and GSG 5 Series


STA-61Spectracom company being a part of Orolia Group ends the year with information about some new products: STA-61 and GSG 5 Series. These product lines are the basis for the continued growth and ensuring 2012 is equally successful as 2011.

STA-61 Update

Notes from the field:
We have received a very positive response for the STA-61 from customers that we have met and talked to so far. The STA-61 also got a high interest from delegates at the recent European ITSF conference, dedicated to sync in telecom.
Some examples of customers that have ordered are:

  • Malaysian telecom
  • Deutsche telekom
  • Vodacom in South Africa
  • Trafikverket, Sweden (Railroad communication network)
  • NEC Japan (Equipment manufacturer)
  • NTT Research labs, Japan
  • Nexrent (rental company), Japan

The partial list represents wireless operators, special operators (railroad), equipment manufacturers, R&D labs, chip manufacturers and rental companies.

Demo Units:

We have had a high success rate in Japan, mainly due to the fact that Toyo, our Japanese distributor, was the first to order a demo unit. Having quick access to a demonstration instrument is a key factor for customer success. Order your demo unit now for the new year. Remember we offer a 40% discount on one unit for the purpose of demonstration.

Configurations and options:

Based on our customer experience, we are making slight updates effective January 2012. Here are the highlights:


The GPS-reference option will be a unit configuration instead of an option. Its integrated GPS timing receiver allows automatic calibration and adjustment of the ultra-stable Rubidium clock and eliminates oscillator ageing completely. This model also includes a 1-pps input that can also serve as an absolute timing reference.

E1/T1 output option:
Both these clock and framed data outputs provide a reference test signal for network elements, or for other test instruments, requiring an ultra stable E1 or T1 reference. It is ordered as an option to either the STA-61 or STA-61G.

WanderView 3 software:

Will be downloadable from our web site. It allows remote streaming of data, remote control and monitoring, advanced analysis and post-processing and report generation.

GSG Update


I am sure you saw the announcement of our animated video about GPS simulation. It is a great tool to describe why simulation is important for those integrating GPS and GNSS receivers into devices and systems, and how the Spectracom line of GSG simulators is uniquely suited for fast, easy and comprehensive testing for development and manufacturing. You can get to it from any of our Simulator web pages or you can see it on YouTube ( You can download the SWF and EXE files from the partner portal if you want to run the video “locally”. Why not send an email with a link to the video to your customer base? An example email, along with several others, is available on our partner portal.

GSG-56, our first multi-GNSS Simulator, update:

An important trend in navigation and location-based services is the use of multi-GNSS receivers for improved performance and reliability. We have heard great responses from some of you about the GSG-56 which offers GPS and GLONASS simulation in the L1 band. The datasheet is now available from the web site.

GSG StudioView software:

The software is available for download. All features are active for 30-days after installation. The uploader function will work after the 30-days replacing the need for a separate utility for uploading scenario and firmware update files. A license key is required for permanent operation of all features. If you have someone in your organization who will be doing demonstrations, have them contact Klaus Buesselmann, e-mail:, about a key.

Spectracom informs that its offices will be closed the entire last week of the year, December 26 to 30. The Rochester USA office will also be closed on Monday, January 2, re-opening January 3.

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