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Anritsu Releases Software for MT8870A that Creates Industry’s First LTE Category M Turnkey Measurement Solution

Anritsu Releases Software for MT8870A that Creates Industry’s First LTE Category M Turnkey Measurement Solution


Anritsu Company introduces software packages for its Universal Wireless Test Set MT8870A that create the world’s first turnkey automated measurement solution for testing and evaluating RF TRx characteristics of up to four NB-IoT devices and modules. With the Category M FDD Uplink Tx Measurement MX887065A software, FDD Downlink Waveform Files MV887065A and Full Automatic Measurement Program installed, the MT8870A allows chipset, module, and finished-product manufacturers to quickly and efficiently verify their LTE Category M designs.

The three software packages support automatic testing of critical PHY characteristics, including Tx power, frequency, modulation accuracy, and modulation sensitivity, in accordance with the 3GPP LTE Category M RF test specifications. To assure excellent reliability, Anritsu developed the Category M measurement software based, in part, on customer input and focused on interconnectivity tests with actual chipsets. Up to four Category M devices and modules can be measured simultaneously for more efficient mass production of NB-IoT chipsets, devices, and systems.

The Full Automatic Measurement Program reduces test costs by eliminating the need for manufacturers to develop custom programs to control the device under test (DUT) from the measurement instrument. As a result, cost- and time-of-test of LTE Category M devices used in NB-IoT applications, such as smart city and freight tracking applications, as well as emergency warning systems have been dramatically reduced.

Designed for manufacturing environments, the Universal Wireless Test Set MT8870A supports testing wireless equipment incorporating various standards, ranging from legacy to emerging technologies. Four high-performance modules are installed in the main frame and each module supports parallel independent measurement for evaluation of up to four wireless devices and modules. The new LTE Category M software release expands the test capability of the MT8870A, which also fully supports 2G/3G/LTE/LTE-Advanced/NB-IoT, WLAN/Bluetooth, GPS, and FM evaluations.

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