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Tektronix Testing Services Increases Vibration and Shock Testing Capacity

Tektronix Testing Services Increases Vibration and Shock Testing Capacity


Tektronix Inc., a leading worldwide provider of measurement solutions, announced that it has expanded vibration and shock testing capacity in its Wayne, N.J. test lab with the addition of a new 13,500 lb. vibration machine – Tektronix' sixth such electrodynamic vibration system. The new machine will allow Tektronix to offer customers more testing services with shorter turnarounds to better meet critical development and production demands.

Vibration and shock testing are critical in industries where electrical components face high-stress environments including automotive, aerospace and defense, aircraft, communications, computers and others. For example, the electrical components in a missile need to function properly despite the vibration and shock forces imparted on them during launch and flight.

"For many of the most critical applications, every single component produced needs to pass testing before it can be used," said Jonathan Russell, general manager of Americas Service, Tektronix. "Customers who require this type of testing need our lab to have a wide breadth of capabilities and enough capacity to ensure quick turnaround times, which is why we are continuing to invest in support of our customers."

Although some companies perform testing in-house, many are finding that it's cheaper and easier to use outsourced services because they don't need to purchase and maintain the test equipment, hire employees, and find the space in their facilities for a test lab. The latest addition to the Tektronix lineup of electrodynamic vibration tables is an Unholtz-Dickie R16 with a 13,500 lb. rating and an above average 3-in. stroke for shock testing.

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