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Keysight Technologies Simplifies Lab Management and Optimizes Learning in Engineering Teaching Labs

Keysight Technologies Simplifies Lab Management and Optimizes Learning in Engineering Teaching Labs


Keysight Technologies, Inc., a leading technology company that helps enterprises, service providers and governments accelerate innovation to connect and secure the world, introduced the BenchVue Lab Management and Control solution, a new software tool designed to simplify the configuration, monitoring and tracking of lab instruments, while optimizing student learning.

Practical hands-on learning using real, industry-standard bench instruments is one of the most valuable experiences universities and teaching institutes offer engineering students hoping to thrive in the workplace after graduation. However, with dozens of test benches, each equipped with multiple instruments, educators managing electrical engineering labs need to spend significant time manually setting up test benches, configuring and updating instrument firmware, and tracking lab assets for calibration and repair.

Keysight's new BenchVue Lab software application enables educators to spend less time on the manual set up and tracking of lab instruments and focus on what really matters—providing a high-quality teaching experience. It does this by giving educators centralized control, data logging and automation to seamlessly connect, configure and monitor all instruments within a lab. An intuitive interface eliminates the need for programming, simplifying remote instrument control, measurement analysis and development of automated tests with Keysight instruments. Built on the powerful BenchVue software platform, BenchVue Lab leverages its data capture, data logging and report generation capabilities, making it a powerful teaching tool for instructional laboratories.

The BenchVue Lab solution consists of Manager and Client applications. Manager serves as the main software application installed on the lab administrator's PC for centralized control and management. Client runs on test bench PCs and connects all the instruments at individual test benches.

Keysight's BenchVue Lab enables educators to:

  • Streamline lab management via a customizable home screen with widget control that allows administrators to configure measurement settings on all lab instruments from a single admin PC.
  • Easily track asset inventories and changes to the asset list with automatic updates provided as part of the solution's lab configuration status.
  • Deliver an enhanced learning experience with full desktop and BenchVue application sharing that enables easy remote monitoring and student assistance in the test lab. Students can also easily control instruments, log data and screen shots, and automatically join lab sessions.
  • Easily connect all labs instruments, including Keysight and others. Over five hundred Keysight test and measurement instruments are supported, along with non-Keysight test instruments compliant with the VISA connection protocol.

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