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New NFC measurement software for oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers and network analyzers

New NFC measurement software for oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers and network analyzers


Near field communications (NFC), a proximity communications system for applications such as contactless payment, electronic ticketing or exchanging digital content, will be integrated into mobile phones and smartphones to a growing extent. The R&S®FS-K112PC NFC measurement software analyzes NFC signals and measures the most important parameters of such signals.

R&SŪFS-K112PC measures NFC signals from readers and listeners and supports all three types of NFC signals. It delivers RF parameters such as modulation depth and modulation index, voltage profiles and rise/fall times in accordance with the relevant standards and NFC specifications. An automatic limit check is integrated. Transmitted messages are demodulated, and several standard messages are decoded. The software can also be used to check the correct response of listeners to a poll command, allowing functional tests to be performed.

The software supports R&SŪRTO digital oscilloscopes, R&SŪFSV and R&SŪFSL spectrum analyzers and R&SŪZVL network analyzers.

Customers will benefit from how easy R&SŪFS-K1122PC makes it to perform NFC RF measurements:

Automatic detection of NFC-A, NFC-B and NFC-C transmission modes or manual selection

Rohde & Schwarz.

Company profile:  Rohde & Schwarz

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