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Agilent Technologies' New Signal Analyzer X-Series Offers Increased Performance, Greater Scalability, More Application Solutions

Agilent Technologies' New Signal Analyzer X-Series Offers Increased Performance, Greater Scalability, More Application Solutions


Agilent Technologies Inc. announced enhancements to its X-Series signal analyzers, which deliver even faster speed and unmatched scalability. The Agilent X-Series has the industry's widest range of application-specific measurement solutions, now including EDGE Evolution and LTE MIMO.

The Agilent X-Series signal analyzers now offer an upgradeable dual core processor that makes measurements up to three times faster. Its measurement applications include:

Also recently added are EDGE Evolution, DVB-T/H, DTMB and LTE MIMO. Now with the ability to transport these applications, test equipment managers can reduce investments and increase asset use by moving applications either across the lab or across the globe.

The Agilent X-Series includes the Agilent EXA and MXA signal analyzers. The upgraded Agilent EXA delivers 25 MHz analysis bandwidth, giving even more performance at a reasonable price point. It is the industry's fastest economy-class signal analyzer and provides development and manufacturing engineers with the capabilities to cost-effectively troubleshoot new designs or increase manufacturing throughput.

The Agilent MXA is the fastest signal analyzer on the market. It has available Dual MIMO, which brings the latest in two-channel LTE FDD analysis technology to today's test bench. With an all-digital IF and pre-amps up to 26 GHz, the Agilent MXA provides high accuracy in a midrange analyzer and industry-leading measurement speed, enabling dramatic improvements in throughput and yields in manufacturing test.

"The MXA is a mid-range signal analyzer with the highest performance, broadest range of applications and top scalability," said Guy Sene, vice president and general manager of Agilent's Signal Analysis Division. "Our intention with the X-Series was to deliver signal analyzers that were a generation ahead and would also be flexible enough to accommodate future test technologies. With today's financial challenges, it is important to make capital equipment purchases that retain their value for the long term."

For more information about Agilent's MXA signal analyzer, visit

For information about the Agilent EXA signal analyzer, go to

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