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08/26/2013 | 1573
Touch, Test, Invent™ to Get More I-V Testing Done in Less Time The new Keithley Model 2450 Touchscreen Source Measure Unit (SMU) Instrument is ideal for I-V functional test and characterization of a wide range of today's modern electronic devices, including scaled semiconductors, nano-scale devices and materials, organic /printed electronics and other current and voltage testing applications.

03/27/2012 | 1922
Keithley Introduces High Voltage System SourceMeter® Instrument optimized for High Power Semiconductor Test Keithley Instruments, Inc., a world leader in advanced electrical test instruments and systems, introduced the Model 2657A High Power System SourceMeter® instrument. The Model 2657A adds high voltage to the company’s Series 2600A System SourceMeter® family of high speed, precision source measurement units.

02/29/2012 | 1945
What Is an SMU Instrument, and How Do You Decide Which One Is Right for Your Application? This web seminar will explain the basics of how SMU instruments work, describe key features and capabilities to consider for selecting an SMU instrument, and compare the actual performance of different SMU instruments in "real-world" applications.

01/26/2012 | 1771
Free technical online seminar. Understanding the Basics of Parallel Wafer Level Reliability (WLR) This seminar is focused on examining the benefits and tradeoffs associated with parallel test solutions for wafer level reliability (WLR.) WLR tests are commonly used throughout the semiconductor lifecycle from technology development and process integration to process reliability monitoring. The speed and accuracy of the WLR testing impact time to market for new designs. Parallel WLR testing provides a tool to significantly accelerate throughput by providing statistically significant samples sooner. Parallel WLR test solutions provide throughput benefits for both traditional and advanced WLR measurements.

12/14/2011 | 1682
Free Technical Online Seminar. Meeting the Electrical Measurement Demands of High Power High Brightness LEDs Keithley Instruments invites to attend an online seminar which provides an overview of the electrical test equipment that is required to properly test today’s High Power High Brightness LEDs.

10/10/2011 | 1796
Keithley Launches New General Purpose Programmable Power Supply Product Line Keithley Instruments, Inc., a world leader in advanced electrical test instruments and systems, announced the availability of five new general-purpose programmable DC power supplies designed to complement the company's existing line of specialty power supplies and source measurement instruments for component, module, and device characterization and test applications.

09/30/2011 | 1856
Keithley Expands Series 2400 SourceMeter® Family with Lower-Cost Solution Optimized for Low Voltage Testing Keithley Instruments, Inc., a world leader in advanced electrical test instruments and systems, announced a low-cost addition to its popular Series 2400 SourceMeter® instrument family.

07/25/2011 | 1500
Free Keithley Web-Based Seminar Explores Production Test Switching System Tips and Techniques Keithley Instruments, Inc., a world leader in advanced electrical test instruments and systems, will broadcast a free, web-based seminar titled "Tips and Techniques for Designing Cost-Effective, Efficient Switch Systems" on Tuesday, July 26, 2011.

06/27/2011 | 1548
Join Keithley’s Webinar on Understanding Electrical Characterization of Solar Cells Keithley Instruments invites to join for a webcast seminar and discuss the different measurement techniques that can be used to characterize solar cells and other photovoltaic devices. The seminar will run at Thursday, June 30, 2011.

03/02/2011 | 2204
Keithley Releases Four New "How-To" Videos on Operating Electrometers Keithley Instruments, Inc. has produced a series of four new tutorial videos on topics related to configuring and operating one of its most sensitive measurement instruments. The videos, which range from one to four minutes in length, focus on the Model 6517B Electrometer/High Resistance System.

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