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KIPiS articles

Author(s):  Guskov Andrey
Issue:  KIPiS 2017 #3
Since 2013 we regularly publish reviews and articles dedicated to various measuring devices of RIGOL Technologies, Inc., one of the leaders in the measurement world. Recently the number of users of RIGOL products has been significantly increased and we often receive questions from them concerning the modes of RIGOL devices. The present article will be a user guide for one of such modes, namely frame by frame signal recorder. In one form or another this mode is used in all RIGOL oscilloscope series where UltraVision innovative technology is used…

Author(s):  Johnson, Kenny
Issue:  KIPiS 2017 #3
Many oscilloscope users have unwittingly shot themselves in the foot by ignoring the importance of the prosaic oscilloscope probe. Just about everyone who has ever operated an oscilloscope has used an oscilloscope probe at one time or another. Some have had good experiences while other had unfavorable ones — possibly as a result of their own actions. This article will try to eliminate some myths and half truths about oscilloscope probes so that their users may obtain more favorable results.

Issue:  KIPiS 2017 #3
When developing relay and other devices for mechanical switching of electrical circuits it often becomes necessary to foresee the negative effect of transition processes during the mechanical switching — so-called «contact bounce». Often it becomes more complicated because of long pulse which may get up to 0.5 sec, several second process duration and inability to make research in the close proximity to the commuting equipment. In this case it is convenient to use a device that imitates a pulse sequence specific to «bounce». This task can be solved with AKTAKOM AHP-3616 pattern generator.

Author(s):  Simon Perez Santa Maria
Issue:  KIPiS 2017 #2
There are many considerations when designing an application that includes motion control. What motor technology you should use, how to get feedback from the system, as well as how to synchronize movements and get different parts of your system to communicate together are all questions you need to answer during the design of a high-performance, reliable system.

Issue:  KIPiS 2017 #2
Keysight Technologies have recently introduced the InfiniiVision 1000 X-Series oscilloscopes. This new low-cost oscilloscope series offers 4 models with 50 to 100 MHz bandwidth. They feature unique, Keysight-custom technology which has been widely adopted in education and industrial customers for many years. The oscilloscopes deliver professional- level functionality with leading software analysis and 6-in-1 instrument integration. The scopes feature two analog channels which is enhanced with TriggerView — the external trigger input can be used and displayed as a third digital channel.

Author(s):  Shumskiy I.
Issue:  KIPiS 2017 #2
Semiconductor electrophysics of today can hardly be imagined without C-V characteristic measurement meaning the capacitance measurement as a function of the applied direct offset voltage. This very measurement allows quickly identifying the basic parameters of semiconductor and dielectric layers which direct measurement is considered a rather complicated process. You will find more details in the present article and also get to know about the use of AKTAKOM LCR analyzers for semiconductor C-V measurement.

Author(s):  Guskov Andrey
Issue:  KIPiS 2017 #1
In December issue of 2013 (KIPiS ¹ 6) you can find article «Review of RIGOL DS1000Z series digital oscilloscopes » — the very first one that started the review series describing almost the whole range of measurement devices produced by RIGOL Technologies, Inc. Further on for different magazine issues we prepared detailed reviews of various products: DG1000Z series digital generators, vector generators, power supplies, spectrum analyzers and M300 multichannel measuring system. How have RIGOL oscilloscopes been changed for the last three years? What series and models does RIGOL recently have? The answers for the above questions you will find in the present article.

Author(s):  Bogdanoff, Daniel
Issue:  KIPiS 2017 #1
There are literally hundreds of different oscilloscope probes available, so how do you choose the right one? There’s no single answer because all designs are different. But, here are some different probe characteristics you’ll want to consider before making a decision.

Author(s):  Zhang, Rolland
Issue:  KIPiS 2016 #6
With the widespread increase of wireless technologies now used in commercial, aerospace and defense applications, interference problems are becoming more common and more severe. To mitigate these issues, many aerospace and defense (A/D) systems — and some 5G designs — are moving to the millimeter-wave band. Related enhancements include the use of narrow radar pulses and highly encrypted communication signals.

Author(s):  Harnack, Jake
Issue:  KIPiS 2016 #6
WLR systems, which have been around for decades, vary in both measurement capability and architecture. Specialized WLR systems may involve high-frequency ac or pulsed stimulus. However, most CMOS devices are tested with dc instruments such as source measure units (SMUs), which supply the necessary stress and measurement capability for collecting parametric data.

Author(s):  Shumskiy I.
Issue:  KIPiS 2016 #6
We keep on publishing a series of articles devoted to the main principles of choosing a digital oscilloscope for your measurement tasks. In the current article we would like to draw your attention to the sampling as the main characteristic of digital oscilloscopes, namely how the mode, number of digits and sampling rate affect the measurement results.

Author(s):  Woodward, Joel
Issue:  KIPiS 2016 #5
Zone triggering is an oscilloscope technology that complements traditional scope triggering, helping to isolate events when hardware-based triggers fall short. The present article keeps the answers to 5 questions about this technology.

Author(s):  Poe, Barrett
Issue:  KIPiS 2016 #5
As measurement automation gains traction, some students may be missing out on learning aspects of their lab’s available equipment that can yield rewards including faster, more efficient lab hours and streamlined report writing. Here is a list of the basics that can help you stand out among your classmates.

Author(s):  Shumskiy I.
Issue:  KIPiS 2016 #5
Nowadays it’s quite common to use a digital oscilloscope jointly with other devices for complex measurements and further data processing within a measuring system. However to integrate an oscilloscope into the complex measuring system there are some other additional technical capabilities required besides data transferring to PC or the local network. The current article in a very detail demonstrates the main of such capabilities and gives you examples of oscilloscope operation within the complex systems.

Issue:  KIPiS 2016 #5
National Instruments, the provider of platform-based systems that enable engineers and scientists to solve the world’s greatest engineering challenges, announced the NI PXIe-6570 digital pattern instrument and NI Digital Pattern Editor. This product frees manufacturers of RFICs, power management ICs, MEMS devices and mixed-signal ICs from the closed architectures of conventional semiconductor automated test equipment (ATE).

Author(s):  Guskov Andrey
Issue:  KIPiS 2016 #5
For almost every magazine issue we prepare detailed reviews dedicated to Rigol test and measuring equipment. Recently we already published articles about Rigol digital oscilloscopes, signal generators, spectrum analyzers and power supplies. But besides the above areas there is one more that we would like to analyze within the present article — this is Rigol M300 multichannel measuring system. Read the current article for more details about Rigol system.

Author(s):  Sukhanov E.
Issue:  KIPiS 2016 #5
It’s a well-known fact that oscilloscope measurements result in oscillogram. In respect to logic analyzers the situation is quite different because there is no common name accepted and existing for the digital data set resulting from their measurement. Sometimes they use such terms like «digital signal» or «datagram» but their meanings are either too broad or reflect some other specified technical processes. For our article we have chosen «digigram» term derived from «digital oscillogram». To operate these digigrams you may use software under world famous AKTAKOM trademark. The operation process is described within the present article in a very detail.

Issue:  KIPiS 2016 #4
Over the past decade, data communication rates have increased by a factor well over 10x. Data rates that were once 1 Gb/sec and below are now routinely greater than 10 Gb/sec. RF and Optical Communications utilize complex modulation schemes and low amplitude signals to meet channel data capacity and regulatory requirements. This has driven the need for very high bandwidth real-time oscilloscopes for the validation, certification, and debugging of these new system designs. As a result, oscilloscope designers are driven to extend the performance of real-time oscilloscopes to cover requirements up into the 60 GHz-70 GHz range and beyond. This article compares the techniques used to extend the bandwidth performance of real-time scopes, and introduces the latest innovation in this pursuit — Asynchronous Time Interleaving.

Issue:  KIPiS 2016 #4
For users’ convenience we do our best to find out the most suitable solutions for various measurement tasks they may face. This time we would like to provide a suggestion of how to measure stray characteristics and other additional parameters of capacitors, inductance coils and resistors.

Issue:  KIPiS 2016 #4
On July 11, 2016, Tektronix organized a press-conference in «Aerostar» Business Center and the reason for this meeting was the presentation of three innovative products at a time.

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KIPiS 2017 #3
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