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KIPiS articles

Author(s):  Afonskaya, Tatiana Afonskiy, AlexanderBorovskaya M.
Issue:  KIPiS 2019 #3
22nd International exhibition of electronic components, modules and systems ExpoElectronica and the 17th International exhibition of technologies, equipment and materials for electronic and electrical industries ElectronTechExpo took place simultaneously in Moscow, Crocus Expo, on April 15-17, 2019. Both exhibitions became an effective business platform to attract new clients and to demonstrate the newest electronic products. Read the present review to find more details about three days of these exhibitions work.

Author(s):  Paasch-Colberg, Tim
Issue:  KIPiS 2019 #3
Components like FPGA, CPU and DSP as a rule must meet special requirements towards the power sequence. Incorrect voltage supply sequence may cause the system components damage. Power voltage shouldn’t exceed the special limits specified by the manufacturer. In addition, in some cases it is required to comply with certain voltage growth rate when it is increased to the required value. Find more detail in the present article.

Issue:  KIPiS 2019 #3
This is the continuation of the article from KIPiS ¹2 (April issue of 2019) dedicated to the portable AKTAKOM oscilloscopes for various measurement tasks. In the first part of the article we described classic-type portable oscilloscopes equipped with a display and a keyboard to switch to different modes. This time we will show you all of the advantages of AKTAKOM ADS-4572T, newly designed tablet oscilloscope with a large sensor display and wide range of functionality.

Author(s):  Afonskaya, Tatiana Afonskiy, AlexanderBorovskaya M.
Issue:  KIPiS 2019 #3
Several days prior to World Metrology Day, on May 15-17, on VDNH there was 15th Moscow International Innovation Forum and Exhibition «Precision measurements — The basis of quality and safety» held. This is the most important event for all metrologists and those who connected life with this science and its development. Evolution of the International System of Units became the crucial topic of discussion at this year event. Find more details in the present review.

Author(s):  Levin S.
Issue:  KIPiS 2019 #3
Recently calibration measuring task attracts the increasing attention of metrologists, not only because in practice calibration is made in accordance with the methods of measuring instruments verification or it is limited by the protocol of their joint measurements with the standard use. There are some other circumstances existing. Thus, as an example, calibration laboratories force to calibrate measuring instruments according to the international guidelines that in fact do not guarantee the main purchase achievement of the Federal Law «On Ensuring the Uniformity of Measurement» which is to protect the rights and legal interests of citizens, organizations and the state from unreliable measurement results… Find more details in the article written by Professor S. Levin.

Issue:  KIPiS 2019 #2
Each year Embedded World Exhibition & Conference in Nuremberg offers the embedded community the opportunity to obtain information about new products and innovations, enter into an exchange and to maintain and develop valuable contacts. Around 1100 exhibitors are presenting state-of-the-art technology in all facets of embedded technologies, from construction elements, modules and complete systems through to operating systems and software, hard and software tools right up to services covering all aspects of embedded systems.

Author(s):  Lemeshko N.Strunin P.
Issue:  KIPiS 2019 #2
The present article demonstrates the state-of-the-art capabilities of jitter analysis in high-speed digital devices by the example of R&S RTO-K12 option. The author suggests analyzing the reasons that may cause jitter, classification of its components and the main approaches to its reduction, as well as the typical consequences of this phenomenon appearance when operating digital devices. This article also demonstrates the existing methods of jitter analysis and shows examples of measurements using R&S RTO-K12 option to estimate temporal and statistical characteristics of digital signal jitter.

Author(s):  Davidson, Scott
Issue:  KIPiS 2019 #2
As the heartbeat of embedded systems, clocks are critical to maintaining timing references and synchronization across components, subsystems and entire systems. As these examples of measurements have shown, modern oscilloscopes offer a broad set of measurements that take the mystery out of characterizÐèñ. 10. Òàêèå ñòàòèñòè÷åñêèå èçìåðåíèÿ ïîìîãàþò ing and verifying jitter in clock circuits.

Author(s):  Guskov Andrey
Issue:  KIPiS 2019 #2KIPiS 2019 #3
Engineers integrating WiFi, Bluetooth and other modern RF technologies are confronted with complex challenges like frequency hopping signals, channel conflict, and spectrum interference. Real- Time Spectrum Analyzers bring the dimension of time to RF Analysis making it easier to monitor and characterize these complex RF systems. Recently Rigol Technologies has released two new series of spectrum analyzers, RSA5000 (the end of 2017) and RSA3000 (2018), which combine industry leading real-time performance (7.45 μs 100% POI), rich data displays, and advanced triggering options allowing the user to quickly capture, identify and analyze these complex events.

Issue:  KIPiS 2019 #2
Up-to-date handheld devices become increasingly popular because frequently they have wide functionality comparing to large benchtop devices and sometimes overcome them with new and convenient features. Portable measuring devices can be easily used in a laboratory and in the field due to batteries use and their light weight. The present article introduces number of portable AKTAKOM oscilloscopes for various measurement tasks.

Author(s):  Isaev L.Kalinin M.
Issue:  KIPiS 2019 #1
As you know among seven main SI units the most vulnerable is kilogram since it’s a physical object made by humans and it can be destroyed or damaged. The definitions of ampere, mole, and candela depend on the kilogram definition. Over the past hundred years of comparisons the stability of the kilogram prototype nominal value in comparison to the national standards demonstrated their masses discrepancy by 50 μg. How this problem has been solved you will learn from the present article.

Issue:  KIPiS 2019 #1
22nd International exhibition of electronic components, modules and systems ExpoElectronica will take place in Moscow, Crocus Expo, on April 15-17, 2019. ExpoElectronica holds the title of the «Best exhibition in Russia» about electronics and accessories in all categories according to the Russian National Exhibition Rating. It is an effective business platform to attract new clients and increase sales of electronic components, modules and systems to existing clients in Russia. As always, ExpoElectronica will take place alongside the 17th International exhibition of technologies, equipment and materials for electronic and electrical industries ElectronTechExpo.
ExpoElectronica is the largest in terms of quantity and the most representative international exhibition of electronic components, modules and components in Russia.
Visitors of ExpoElectronica are topmanagers and specialists of manufacturing enterprises in the field of electronic equipment, electrical products and devices, as well as suppliers of electronic components, electronic equipment and materials.

Author(s):  Afonskaya, Tatiana Afonskiy, Alexander
Issue:  KIPiS 2019 #1
At the very beginning of 2019, on January 8-11, there was one of the greatest consumer electronics exhibitions held — CES 2019! As usual CES was held in Las Vegas and was divided into several compositions placed in Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC), The Sands Expo and Convention Center, such hotels like Westgate, Renaissance, Vdara, Venetian, Encore. CES is the world’s gathering place for all those who thrive on the business of consumer technologies. It has served as the proving ground for innovators and breakthrough technologies for over 50 years — the global stage where next-generation innovations are introduced to the marketplace. Read the detailed review on this great event in the present article.

Issue:  KIPiS 2019 #1
In January 2019 Rohde & Schwarz announced the R&S ZNA, a new generation of high-end vector network analyzers offering outstanding RF performance and a unique hardware concept that simplifies measurement configuration. In order to inform of the key features and advantages the specialists of Rohde & Schwarz organized a special meeting in Moscow office. Presentation was held by Albert Gleißner, product manager for vector network analyzers who came from Germany to introduce this new unique series.

Author(s):  Derat, Benoit Rowell, Corbett Schmitz, Sebastian Tankielun, Adam
Issue:  KIPiS 2019 #1
Increased capacity in 5G mobile communications requires rolling out massive MIMO base stations with network and mobile terminals at both sub- 6 GHz and mmWave frequencies. Dynamic beamforming and the absence of RF test ports on the devices being tested make over-the-air (OTA) measurement pivotal to 5G deployment Fortunately, OTA testing solutions employing software and hardware near-field transformations are meeting the challenges.

Issue:  KIPiS 2019 #1
Technology keeps on developing and it also concerns laboratory equipment that achieves new functions and features. There come new processors, analog-to-digital converters and microcontrollers, internal memory. Development of recording devices also goes ahead in two directions — the creation of specialized electronic recorders and the use of the device itself to record the measurement results. Read the present article to get to know about the advantages used to catch the invisible with the oscilloscope.

Author(s):  Afonskaya, Svetlana Afonskaya, Tatiana Afonskiy, AlexanderBorovskaya M.
Issue:  KIPiS 2018 #6
Smart, reliable, and secure networking at all levels were the focus for this year’s edition of the world’s leading trade fair and conference for electronics held on November 13–16, 2018, in Munich, Germany. This time round, electronica went way beyond the presentation of relevant components, systems, applications, and solutions. In addition to 17 halls, 13 forums, and 4 conferences, there was a wide range of innovations on show. Exhibitors, visitors, established industry players and start-ups, not to mention employers and new talent, had extensive opportunities for making contacts and networking. Over 3000 companies from more than 50 countries were present to provide a glimpse of the future with their products and solutions.

Author(s):  Afonskaya, Tatiana Afonskiy, Alexander
Issue:  KIPiS 2018 #6
This Autumn there were several exhibitions held in Hong Kong — Global Sourñe: Electronics in AsiaWorld-Expo and twin exhibitions Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn edition) and electronicAsia that took place in Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center (HKCEC). The mutual results have showed that these exhibitions stay very popular and keep on attracting new participants and attendees. This October demonstrated tremendous figures — the number of attendees reached 87000! Which topics were the most important and widely discussed at the shows and what was the key to success both for exhibitors and visitors? Read the present review for more details.

Issue:  KIPiS 2018 #6
2018 has become very important for Rohde & Schwarz since the company has released several innovative measurement devices. To represent its new models Rohde & Schwarz organized several pressconferences in October and November. New devices appeared in the following segments: oscillography, generators, sensors and spectrum analyzers. Presentations were held by the specialists from Moscow representative office with quests from Germany.

Issue:  KIPiS 2018 #6
On September 16, 2018 JSC «ES&S», the leading Russian manufacturer of control and measuring devices, celebrated its 15th anniversary. The company provides a wide range of control and measuring devices capable of being used in laboratories, industry and everyday life. The product range includes: devices for measuring relative humidity and temperature, devices to measure gases humidity, gas analyzers etc.

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