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KIPiS articles

Author(s):  Afonskaya, Tatiana Afonskiy, Alexander
Issue:  KIPiS 2017 #6
Every year we attend Hong Kong exhibitions to check what innovative products come up to the electronics market. This year huge exhibitions — Global Source: Consumer Electronics (held on October 11-14) and Hong Kong Electronics Fair and electronicAsia (held in parallel on October 13-16) — impressed with its innovations implemented into the world of electronic devices for various application fields. Read the present article for more details about these tremendous fairs.

Issue:  KIPiS 2017 #6
Where is the electronics production industry headed? productronica, which was staged at the Munich trade fair site from November 14 to 17, 2017 provided answers to that question. 1200 exhibitors from 42 countries presented innovations from the fields of electronics production and development. The focus was on topics such as the Internet of Things, as well as big data and miniaturization. More details you will find in the present article.

Author(s):  Levin S.
Issue:  KIPiS 2017 #6
This year on April 19 there came Government resolution ¹737 «Concerning the confirmation of the Strategy to assure the measurement uniformity in Russian Federation up to 2025». As a result Federal Service for Accreditation set the requirement for the calibration laboratories to express the measurement capabilities through «uncertainty» when forming the accreditation scopes. The present article describes the influence it may cause to the measurement results and the possible problems that may appear when calculating the inaccuracy to uncertainty…

Issue:  KIPiS 2017 #6
The new PXIe-8301 remote control module is the industry’s first solution for laptop control of PXI systems using Thunderbolt 3 technology. With its contemporary connectivity and low cost, the PXIe- 8301 makes high-performance control of PXI systems more accessible and affordable to engineers performing benchtop characterization and validation or developing portable automated test systems.

Author(s):  Pereles, Dave
Issue:  KIPiS 2017 #6
Most systems use several sets of power rails and verifying proper power supply sequencing requires multiple oscilloscope input channels. This article describes the basics of checking the power-on and power-off sequence of an AC-DC power supply and how an oscilloscope with more than 4 channels can expedite the process.

Issue:  KIPiS 2017 #6
The term, test system, represents millions of different possible configurations of test instruments, software, and device under test (DUT) specific test execution programs. This article discusses how test system configurations benefit from a choice of hardware form factors and software products.

Issue:  KIPiS 2017 #6
It’s a well-known fact that in order to achieve good results it’s necessary to use high quality instruments. Power supply is considered one of the most necessary instruments in modern radio engineering laboratories or at manufacturing site. At the same time the requirements to the output voltage (current) parameters keep on growing annually causing the device price growth accordingly. Nevertheless it’s still possible to find a good measuring device within the low-cost product range. One of such examples is AKTAKOM APS-5333 power supply with 3 channels, output regulated voltage of 0…30 V and output current of 0…3 A.

Author(s):  Guskov Andrey
Issue:  KIPiS 2017 #5
In previous issues of our magazine we published the articles dedicated to various test and measuring devices produced by RIGOL Technologies, Inc. We provided full and detailed information about such equipment like spectrum analyzers, digital oscilloscopes, signal generators, programmable power supplies. This time the present article will cover programmable electronic loads. This is the main innovative product of 2017 for the company and in general electronic loads production is the new trend for RIGOL. New RIGOL electronic loads series introduced in Spring 2017 got DL3000 model index and it contains four DC models: DL3021, DL3021A, DL3031 and DL3031A. Maximum input voltage for all models is 150 V and input current — 40 A (DL3021, DL3021A) or 60 A (DL3031, DL3031A). Find more details in the present article.

Author(s):  Hirato, Takuya
Issue:  KIPiS 2017 #5
When selecting your VNA test solution for multiport devices, you need to consider switch loss, system calibration and other factors affecting test throughput and accuracy. Advances in test and measurement technologies have enabled multiport and multi-site test solutions to better address these challenges by increasing the number of measurements, the number of devices and measurement speed, while maintaining high accuracy and stability.

Author(s):  Yost, Sarah
Issue:  KIPiS 2017 #5
It’s all about 5G. No matter where you go who and you’re talking to, 5G is at the center of conversations about exciting new technology. While recent announcements from Mobile World Congress indicate that 5G is already here, it’s not. But we’re getting very close.

Author(s):  Pereles, Dave
Issue:  KIPiS 2017 #5
At first glance, it’s clear that the recently unveiled Tektronix 5 Series MSO mixed signal oscilloscope looks much different from other oscilloscopes in its class. For one, the screen takes up 85 percent of the front panel compared to about 50 percent on most scopes. Your next clue that this is not just another oscilloscope is the number of analog inputs — up to eight — compared to the more typical four. As you power on the scope and connect it up your device for testing, you’ll see that this is something more than just a warmed-over version of last year’s scope. It’s a complete end-to-end redesign.

Issue:  KIPiS 2017 #5
When laying or repairing cable routes it’s often necessary to detect cables and correctly determine their routes. And very often this is associated with a long time taken therefore, especially if the cable is located in a hard-to-reach place and if there are several cables in the conduit. In addition when repairing a damaged cable it is always necessary to accurately determine the place of breakage or short circuit, select the required conductor in the cable or cable assembly or determine the presence and location of protective devices in the circuit. In some cases the cable determining process has to be taken without removing the voltage from it. Multifunctional AKTAKOM ACT-1112 cable locater is a perfect device for this type of work. Also it can be used for tracing metallic water and heating pipes…

Issue:  KIPiS 2017 #5
As usual October is the time for the greatest Hong Kong shows — Global Sources: Consumer Electronics (Oct. 11-14) and exhibitions-twins Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn edition) and electronicAsia (Oct. 13-16). Over 90000 buyers and 4000 exhibitors from 140 countries annually attend these international exhibitions.

Author(s):  Afonskaya, Tatiana Afonskiy, AlexanderZhukovskiy A.
Issue:  KIPiS 2017 #4
One of the most important tools in the field of industrial production, laboratory research, the activity of repair shops is a power supply. This leads to the fact that the range of AKTAKOM power supplies is constantly updated, new models and features are emerging, which are dictated by the consumer market. In this article we consider the new power supply APS-7306L with USB and LAN interfaces for remote control and built-in synchronization circuit.

Author(s):  Phillips, Jeffrey
Issue:  KIPiS 2017 #4
The rapid pace of technological advancement should be celebrated and embraced. It fuels amazing new technologies and scientific achievements that make us more connected and safer. It also pushes the limits of what we previously thought possible. The impact of these achievements is no longer isolated to a narrow market vertical. It permeates every industry and exposes the established market incumbents to an unusual combination of disruption and growth potential.

Issue:  KIPiS 2017 #4
Electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG) is the most common way to identify various ailments especially when the ailment is related to the heart. To perform an ECG, the medical personnel places the leads on the patient’s skin. The leads measure the heart’s electrical activity of one heart beat cycle and record it as a continuous line tracing on paper to produce a graph. Today there is a wide array of cardiac equipment that displays and interprets ECG signal patterns and medical equipment designers need a flexible, reliable and accurate way to seamlessly generate ECG signal patterns to verify their designs.

Author(s):  Guskov Andrey
Issue:  KIPiS 2017 #4
In 2015 in December issue of KIPiS magazine we published article «Up-todate Rigol spectrum analyzers». At that moment RIGOL Technologies, Inc. had three basic models: DSA815 (with 9 kHz…1.5 GHz frequency range), DSA832 (up to 3.2 GHz) and DSA875 (up to 7.5 GHz). But everything tends to change with time and the family of Rigol spectrum analyzers has also changed and replenished with new models following from high-end devices to low-end ones. Thus basing on DSA832 Rigol produced DSA832E and basing on DSA815 the company produced DSA700 series of two models — DSA710 and DSA705. As exception DSA875 doesn’t have any low-end model basing on it. Find more details about all of the above Rigol models and their functional capabilities.

Issue:  KIPiS 2017 #4
Today, the digital multimeter has become indispensable for a wide range of professionals who have to deal with electricity in their professional activities and in everyday life or hobbies. An electrician, a radio amateur, an auto mechanic or just a home master — all need to have any electrical measurements. Which multimeter to choose, so that it does not fail at the wrong time, was easy to use, but at the same time not to overpay for an unnecessary set of functions? In this review we will look at three modern AKTAKOM multimeters of different price category and functionality: compact AMM-1042, inexpensive, but with the characteristics of a professional model AMM-1071 and precision multimeter AMM-1149.

Issue:  KIPiS 2017 #3
As usual on May 20 the World Metrology Day is celebrated! And the end of May was marked by the outstanding event in the metrology world connected with this great holiday — 13th Moscow International Innovative Forum «Precision measurements — the basis of quality and safety» which was held on May 17-19 this year. Find more details and learn what the leading metrologists and specialists consider crucial to solve the most important questions in Russian metrology. This year the event was remarkable for its scale: several exhibitions covered almost 6000 square meters, more than 290 companies participated in the event.

Issue:  KIPiS 2017 #3
On April 25-27, 2017 in Crocus Expo exhibition center there were 2 anniversary exhibitions held: 15th International exhibition of technologies, equipment and materials for the electronic and electrical industries «ElectronTechExpo» and 20th International exhibition of electronic components, modules and systems «ExpoElectronica ». 10353 visitors from 40 countries attended the exhibitions which is the record number comparing to the previous years! Find more details in the current article.

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KIPiS 2017 #6
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Modern instrumentation