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Benefits of IR-Fusion™ technology

This article describes easy approach of determination and analysis of failed equipment when using IR-Fusion technology. Identifying location of a problem in a featureless or confusing visible image and how IR-Fusion technology shows and infrared problem area in a visible picture.
Thermographers have always wanted an infrared camera that produces images with both a wide field of view (FOV) and detailed spatial resolution. An infrared-only camera with this combination is prohibitively expensive for most applications. A less expensive way of providing both features in a single camera is to blend a wide FOV visible image with a smaller FOV infrared image. The major benefit of this combination is that thermographers can pinpoint and identify infrared problemareas ina clear visible picture. Maintenance technicians now have a direct correlation between a visible picture and an infrared identified problem area. A commercial camera with IR-Fusion technology has been available since May, 2006. This paper describes thermography examples that benefit from this combination

Author(s):  Roger Schmidt
Issue:  KIPiS 2008 #3
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