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06/25/2014 | 2259
Spectracom and FSMLabs Launch 10 GbE High-Performance Time Server FSMLabs and Spectracom announces a new partnership to address the most complex synchronization challenges for time-sensitive network operations. As the first step, Spectracom has announced a 10 gigabit-per-second high-accuracy network clock that integrates FSMLabs software with its GPS timing technology and high speed network interfaces. This combination sets a new standard for network performance and dependability in critical enterprise network applications.

12/09/2013 | 2689
Spectracom Discontinuance Notice: GSG-L1 GPS Simulator Spectracom’s GSG-L1 GPS Simulator is nearing end-of-life and has been replaced by GSG-51 and the GSG-5 Series GNSS Simulators. Last-time buy orders for the model GSG-L1 will be accepted until January 31st 2014, for delivery on or before June 30th, 2014.

10/22/2012 | 5134
STA-61 Sync Tester Updates Spectracom released version 1.9 of the product's firmware. This update package is available through the public web site. It is recommended to update all fielded units with this upgrade.

10/10/2012 | 2678
GPS/GNSS Simulator Updates The GSG-62 L1+L2 Dual Frequency 32-channel Multi-GNSS Simulator is shipping! In August Spectracom released an update to GSG StudioView scenario builder software to correspond to all the new capabilities in the GSG-62 including multi-frequency simulation.

10/01/2012 | 2635
Spectracom Timing System Selected for Northrop Grumman Defense Program SecureSync platform to support the integration of multiple devices and systems using precise time and frequency signals.

06/04/2012 | 2569
New Dual Frequency Multi-GNSS Constellation Simulator Spectracom’s 32-channel GSG-62 provides expandability to simulate current and future satellite navigation signals and frequencies.

03/05/2012 | 2980
Spectracom Assures GPS Integrity with Leap Second Testing Tools GPS simulators offer fast and easy testing of the upcoming leap second event on June 30 to validate performance of GPS devices and systems.

02/27/2012 | 3337
New GPS Simulator for Manufacturing Test Spectracom’s GSG-52 broadens the range GPS RF signal generators. Spectracom, a company of the Orolia Group and the leading provider of practical test solutions for GPS and GNSS devices and systems, has announced a new offering in its line of GPS constellation simulators.

12/26/2011 | 3313
Spectracom ends the year with information about some new products: STA-61 and GSG 5 Series These product lines are the basis for the continued growth and ensuring 2012 is equally successful as 2011.

03/22/2011 | 2942
Spectracom Broadens Line of GNSS Solutions New 16-channel GPS simulator supports advanced GPS receiver testing dna makes it possible to simulate Satellite-Based Augmentation Systems (SBAS).

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