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KIPiS articles

Issue:  KIPiS 2019 #6
The world is rapidly advancing into an era of new achievements and discoveries, technology development in all sectors. We keep up with the times, creating modern workplaces that offer a convenient arrangement of devices, tools and necessary equipment on the desktop, thereby increasing the level of labor efficiency and the quality of work performed. This review is dedicated to the most popular models of AKTAKOM industrial furniture, which is widely used in many scientific, production, service and metrological laboratories, in repair workshops and classrooms as well as at home.

Issue:  KIPiS 2019 #4
Last October there was a significant event happened in RIGOL’s life — the company celebrated its 20th anniversary! RIGOL was founded in 1998 as an independent laboratory and very soon it became the leading company with its own R&D capability in the test and measurement industry. The anniversary was celebrated in Suzhou where RIGOL’s head office and its own factory is located. On June 28 this year RIGOL organized another great event — distribution conference which was attended by RIGOL’s partners from Russia, South Africa, Thailand, Hong Kong, India, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan and Australia in order to discuss future prospects and the vision of mutual plans. Also they had a chance to see the presentation of new models expected in the nearest future. At the moment the company is standing on the threshold of global changes for the next five years. RIGOL’s new slogan is «Shape the vision — share the future! » that means the successful future is possible only if we share new ideas and support the mutual goals.

Issue:  KIPiS 2018 #6
On September 16, 2018 JSC «ES&S», the leading Russian manufacturer of control and measuring devices, celebrated its 15th anniversary. The company provides a wide range of control and measuring devices capable of being used in laboratories, industry and everyday life. The product range includes: devices for measuring relative humidity and temperature, devices to measure gases humidity, gas analyzers etc.

Issue:  KIPiS 2018 #2
On February 5-9 in Moscow there was Week of Russian business 2018. One of the most crucial events was Forum «Technical regulation as an instrument of Eurasian integration» held on February 8. During this Forum over 350 representatives participated in the discussion of the current state and prospects of the technical regulation system of the Eurasian Economic Union, standardization and conformity assessment and many other questions.

Author(s):  Afonskiy, Alexander
Issue:  KIPiS 2017 #1
Nowadays smart home system has become a quite popular topic. As a rule such systems allow you to solve right several categories of typical tasks so necessary both at home and in the office: safeness, video monitoring, energy consumption control, home automatisation and comfort. New home technologies bring lots of advantages comparing to the systems developed years ago. Find more details and examples in the present review

Issue:  KIPiS 2016 #6
On October 12 Keysight Technologies held the second part of the seminar workshop named «Fundamentals of measurements ». This time the seminar topics were dedicated to the measuring technologies for application tasks. To make it as much convenient for attendees as possible there were 5 sections taken in parallel within this seminar. Totally 14 different topics were introduced to the visitors who could select the most interesting ones for them and make their own schedule.

Issue:  KIPiS 2016 #4
International scientific congress «Science and engineering education – 2016» was held on June 23-25 in Bauman Moscow State Technical University. The main topics for discussion within the congress were the standards and accreditation system of graduating students of engineering institutions as well as the rating and quality of engineering education in Russia and all over the world. On June 23 Bauman Moscow State Technical University and Keysight Technologies concluded a partnership agreement to launch the cooperative program for engineers training in the sphere of radio electronics.

Issue:  KIPiS 2016 #2
On March 21–25 in Moscow there was «IX Week of Russian business 2016». One of the most crucial events was Forum «Industrial policy, technical regulation and quality control» which was held on March 22. During this Forum over 400 representatives of various spheres participated in the discussion concerning import substitution and new laws «About industrial policy in Russian Federation» and «About standardization in Russian Federation». Find more details in this article.

Issue:  KIPiS 2016 #2
The beginning of 2016 is the period of changes and events for Tektronix. On February 2 the company celebrated its 70th anniversary! Tektronix logo and strategy were changed and in March there were several new products announced. To inform about all of the events Tektronix specialists organized a special press conference. Find more details in this article.

Author(s):  Afonskaya, Svetlana
Issue:  KIPiS 2015 #6
This article briefly describes develop-ment stages and financial performance of such companies as Agilent Technolo-gies Inc. and Keysight Technologies Inc.

Issue:  KIPiS 2015 #3

Issue:  KIPiS 2015 #3

Author(s):  Afonskaya, Tatiana Afonskiy, Alexander
Issue:  KIPiS 2015 #1
International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was held on January 6-9 this year. International CES is the place which gathers a great variety of consumer electronics, drones, robots, smart devices and many other interesting developments making our life comfortable and bright. This year show was attended by more than 150 thousand visitors. The numbers break the last year records — over 3500 exhibitors demonstrating products and services by 20 categories. Read the review to see what new was showed at International CES 2015.

Issue:  KIPiS 2015 #1
On December, 2 Agilent Technologies presented the new Agilent 1290 Infinity II LC System. With an installed base of nearly one million LC modules, Agilent LC technology is renowned for its reliability around the world. The Agilent 1290 Infinity II LC represents the next generation of UHPLC, designed for even greater robustness and reliability together with enhanced performance.

Issue:  KIPiS 2015 #1
On January 27 Keysight Technologies invited to its Press-Conference dedicated to innovative products of the company. There were several of them at once including: new oscilloscopes of InfiniiVision 3000T X series, new solutions to test optical systems and new IntegraVision power analyzer enabling a more energy efficient world. All of the visitors had a great opportunity to ask questions, see the new devices operation as well as to operate the devices on their own.

Issue:  KIPiS 2014 #6
This autumn is famous for innovations in test and measurement industry. Thus world leader Keysight Technologies announced several new products at once! To introduce them in all of the details Keysight organized a press-lunch where the specialists of the company demonstrated their presentations and were ready to answer any questions concerning the company’s future plans.

Issue:  KIPiS 2014 #6
When a company has some new interesting developments it tries to demonstrate it and show all advantages. Thus on October 14 Tektronix held a special press-event dedicated to two new products at once — RSA306 portable spectrum analyzer as well as a unique program named Tek Smart Lab for EE laboratories. Find more details about these new products features in the current review.

Issue:  KIPiS 2014 #5
On October 9 in International Multimedia Press Center «Russia Today» there was Press Conference organized by Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology prior to World Standards Day. During the event the Head of the Agency, Abramov A., and other leaders informed about the most important questions and topics. What is Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology today? What are the main targets of the organization?What does standardization mean and which role does it play? And many others. Please read this article for more details.

Issue:  KIPiS 2014 #2
When a company has some new interesting developments it tries to demonstrate it and show all advantages. Therefore they usually organize different events, seminars and press-conferences. Thus on March 18 Fluke Corporation held a special press-event dedicated to new series of infrared cameras: Ti200, Ti300 and Ti400. These new devices have lots of innovative characteristics, for example: LaserSharp ™ AutoFocus that tells you exactly where you are focusing, SmartView® Mobile application for the connection to iPhone and iPad, patented Fluke IR-Fusion ® technology with AutoBlend™ mode for much faster detection and communication and many other features which are worth seeing.

Issue:  KIPiS 2014 #2
AWR Corporation, the innovation leader in high-frequency EDA, together with its partners, Softline and WIN Semiconductors, organized seminar series named «AWR Design Forum 2014». One of them was held in Moscow on February 25. February 27 was the date for the seminar held in St. Petersburg. During this well-organized event AWR specialists demonstrated in a very detail the work of the leading company products: Microwave Office (the most comprehensive software solution for designers of all types of RF and microwave circuits), a complete software suite Visual System Simulator, Analog Office (unique software that offers an easy-to-use, flexible and accurate design environment), AXIEM (3D planar electromagnetic (EM) analysis software, a valuable addition to the AWR Design Environment™), Analyst (powerful 3D FEM EM simulation and analysis software that is seamlessly integrated within the AWR Design Environment ™).

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