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Pendulum Instruments

Pendulum Instruments

Pendulum Instruments is a Swedish innovation company focused on solutions for calibration, measurement and analysis of time and frequency as well as related parameters. The company is one of the world's leading suppliers of frequency counters, and number one in Europe. Pendulum is a spin-off company from Philips T&M division, with over 40 years experience in the test and measurement business. We are located in Stockholm, close to the world's leading fixed and wireless telecom companies.

Pendulum has a highly qualified R&D department with a long record of technically advanced products. In 2004 Pendulum Instruments was awarded "The Electronic company of the year" reflecting the company's success with high tech products and venture on research, resulting in the revolutionary product CNT-90. Besides our standard units, we offer everything from minor modifications to customer specific products or partnership in projects. If you have a problem that needs to be solved, please contact us. Together we can find a solution to your measurement problems!

Pendulum products, which are developed and manufactured in-house, can be divided into four main categories: Time & Frequency Counters, Time & Frequency Standards, Synchronization products and Wireless products. Today Pendulum cooperates with major telecom operators and equipment manufacturers, military customers as well as test system builders and R&D groups in the electronic industry in general. Companies like Ericsson, Nokia, Philips, Siemens, Alcatel and mobile telephone operators in more than 50 countries are using Pendulum products for various applications, for example in their development departments, calibration laboratories, test systems and service. In other words, Pendulum instruments are found everywhere where accuracy and precision in time and frequency is required.

Pendulum high product quality, performance and fitness for application have led to a strategic alliance with Fluke Corporation, one of the world's leading T&M companies and the market leader in calibration instrumentation. Fluke is a global distributor for most Pendulum products. Pendulum products are found all over the world under various brand names such as Fluke, Pendulum, Philips and Wavetek.

In October 2005, Pendulum acquired the assets and operations of XL Microwave and established a subsidiary company “Pendulum Instrument, Inc. in Oakland, CA, US. XL Microwave products are complementary to Pendulum’s portfolio of high precision time and frequency measuring instruments in that XL Microwave covers the frequency range above 20 GHz up to 60 GHz.

In general, Pendulum products are very easy to operate and have a high product quality. They have received several international awards at exhibitions and in electronic magazines, e.g., "Honorable mention in Best-in-Test Award" (T&M World 1992, 1997, 2005 and 2007). Pendulum Instruments is an ISO-9001 certified company with high internal quality targets. Pendulum is certified by CSA and the Russian GOST. All Pendulum products are of course meeting the requirements for CE-marking. Pendulum products have excellent EMC properties and can be used in any environment, including sensitive test systems for radio testing.

Since March 2008, Pendulum Instruments is a company of the Orolia Group at Orolia, a precision electronics technology group, brings together branded leading-edge companies specialized in high-precision time and frequency solutions systems for mission-critical applications.

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