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Yokogawa has been engaged in developing businesses that are based on its technologies in measurement, control, and information fields.
Since its foundation in 1915, the Company has contributed to the growth of industries and made the world a better place by supplying reliable solutions. These have been developed under the founding principle of Quality First and our advanced technologies.

All of us at Yokogawa recognize it as our mission to continuously develop and supply solutions and services with optimum quality and reliability to customers and society, thereby contributing to industrial growth. For that purpose, we have never ceased to invest in the research and development of new technologies, even when economic circumstances have been challenging.

As a responsible corporate citizen, we take seriously the need for compliance with business ethics, laws, and regulations. We are implementing environmental management and sustainability initiatives, including energy and resource saving technologies, not only in our daily activities but also in activities directed outward to customers and community.

The Yokogawa Group will strive to realize a healthy and profitable operation and to remain a trusted partner of customers and industries by supplying optimum Customer Centric Solutions based on Leading Edge Technology.

Shuzo Kaihori
      President & CEO

 The history of the company Yokogawa

 1915 - Tamisuke Yokogawa, Doctor of Architectural Engineering, established an electric meter research institute in Shibuya, Tokyo with Ichiro Yokogawa and Shin Aoki

1917 - First to produce and sell electric meters in Japan

1920 - Incorporated as Yokogawa Electric Works Ltd.

1933 - Started research and manufacture of aircraft instruments and flow, temperature, and pressure controllers

1948 - Made the public offering of the Company's stock

1950 - Developed Japan's first electronic recorder

1955 - Signed a technical assistance agreement for industrial instruments with Foxboro, USA

1957 - Established Yokogawa Electric Works, Inc. as North American sales office

1974 - Established Yokogawa Electric Singapore Pte. Ltd. as Singapore plant. Established Yokogawa Electric (Europe) B. V. as European sales office

1975 - Released CENTUM, the world's first distributed process control system

1983 - Formed Yokogawa Hokushin Electric Corp. through merger with Hokushin Electric Works, Ltd.

1984 - Released Model 3520 Analog LSI Test System and entered IC tester field

1986 - Established Xiyi Yokogawa Co., Ltd. in Xian, China, jointly with Xian Instruments factory. To further establish the corporate identity, the company name is changed to Yokogawa Electric Corporation

1988 - Entered the high- frequency measuring instrument business

1990 - Established Yokogawa Middle East E.C. in Bahrain

1996 - Released Confocal Scanner and entered biotechnology business

1997 - Announced the Enterprise Technology Solutions business concept

2000 - Announced the new VISION-21&ACTION-21 corporate strategy. Released Magnetoencephalograph

2001 - Released the world's first 40Gbps optical communication module and entered the next-generation optical fiber communication field

2002 - Acquired 100% of Ando Electric's stock

2004 - Developed 40Gbps optical packet switch and entered the optical communication business. Fully integrated the Ando Electric's business

2005 - Established Yokogawa Electric International Pte. Ltd. in Singapore to oversee global industrial automation business

2006 - The Second Milestone of the VISION-21 & ACTION-21 corporate strategy is announced

The acute angle and sharp straight edges of the top half of the diamond symbol represent Yokogawa's cutting-edge technology while the gentle curvature of the bottom half represents the warm-hearted nature of Yokogawa's people. By balancing these two elements, Yokogawa aims to contribute toward the realization of a thriving global society in much the same way as the sun. This property is reflected in the bright yellow of the diamond.

Corporate trademark since October 1986

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#4 December 2021
KIPiS 2021 #4
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