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07/02/2021 | 67
Industry first: Anritsu MT8000A and MediaTek M80 5G modem achieve over 7 Gbps downlink throughput with FR1+FR2 dual connectivity Anritsu Corporation is pleased to announce that its Radio Communication Test Station MT8000A successfully achieved a downlink (DL) throughput over 7 Gbps using FR1+FR2 Dual Connectivity (DC) technology and 256-QAM modulation in 5G Standalone (SA) mode, in conjunction with MediaTek’s latest M80 5G modem. This industry-first achievement demonstrates Anritsu’s commitment to contribute to the development and wider rollout of new 5G services, which, through its collaboration with MediaTek, verifies leading-edge 5G technology features.

06/11/2021 | 195
Anritsu company honored by 2021 Lightwave Innovations Reviews Anritsu Company announces that its Network Master™ Pro MT1040A and Signal Quality Analyzer-R MP1900A were recognized among the best by the 2021 Lightwave Innovation Reviews. An esteemed and experienced panel of judges from the optical communications community recognized Anritsu Company as a high-scoring honoree.

06/01/2021 | 218
Anritsu and Spirent develop world-first solution for evaluating 5G video quality Anritsu Corporation is pleased to announce availability of a new solution for evaluating video quality of 5G devices. This lab-based solution was developed in partnership with Spirent Communications plc and leverages the strengths of Anritsu’s SmartStudio NR Network Simulator and Spirent’s Umetrix Video software, providing the world’s first integrated 5G video quality system.

05/07/2021 | 139
Anritsu launches new modules to make production line testing more efficient Anritsu Corporation is pleased to announce the simultaneous launch of its TRX Test Module MU887002A, designed to improve the efficiency of production-line inspection of wireless communications devices, including 5G, and its space-saving Universal Wireless Test Set MT8872A.

04/23/2021 | 121
Anritsu introduces RF Regulatory Test System supporting ARIB/ETSI/FCC-compliant FR1 RF tests Anritsu Company introduces the RF Regulatory Test System ME7803NR solution for regulatory compliance testing of 5G systems. Integrating the Radio Communication Test Station MT8000A with other hardware and dedicated software, the ME7803NR is a cost-efficient, easy-to-use single solution to conduct ARIB/ETSI/FCC-compliant frequency range (FR) 1 RF tests on 5G New Radio (NR) UE.

03/19/2021 | 195
New PAM4 ED makes Anritsu Signal Quality Analyzer-R MP1900A first BERT to support real-time measurement of FEC Symbol Errors Anritsu Company introduces expanded Forward Error Correction (FEC) analysis capability in its 116-Gbit/s PAM4 Error Detector (ED) MU196040B module for the Signal Quality Analyzer-R MP1900A series bit error rate testers (BERTS). With new ED module, the MP1900A is the first BERT to support real-time measurement of FEC symbol errors, providing design engineers a single-instrument solution to more efficiently evaluate next-generation 400 GbE and 800 GbE high-speed devices and transceivers.

02/09/2021 | 180
Anritsu VectorStar™ integrates with MilliBox chamber for cost-effective high-frequency antenna test solution Anritsu Company announces a collaborative agreement with Milliwave Silicon Solutions, Inc. whereby the VectorStar™ vector network analyzers (VNAs) are compatible with the MilliBox millimeter-wave (mmWave) anechoic chambers and positioners.

01/22/2021 | 179
Panduit Corp. approves Anritsu Network Master™ Pro MT1000A as Panduit OneMode-Link™ installation certification tooll Anritsu Company announces Panduit Corp. recommends the Anritsu Network Master™ Pro MT1000A to conduct the analysis necessary to certify Panduit OneMode-Link passive media converters have been installed into high-speed networks properly. The certification test with the MT1000A ensures the installation meets Panduit’s warranty requirements. The lightweight, compact, battery-powered, and easy-to-use MT1000A simplifies OneMode-Link installation certification measurements with an easy-to-use Panduit OneMode-button operation that allows installers of any skill level to operate the optical transport tester to its full potential.

12/22/2020 | 190
Anritsu expands 5G mmWave OTA Test Portfolio with industry first support of 3GPP Alignment Options 1/2/3 Anritsu Company expands its 5G test portfolio with the introduction of the Device Under Test (DUT) holder MA8179A-AK011, the first solution to support all the possible alignment options defined and permitted in 3GPP namely Alignment Options 1/2/3.

11/20/2020 | 229
Anritsu adds PCIe® 6.0 support to Signal Quality Analyzer-R MP1900A Anritsu Company enhances its Signal Quality Analyzer-R MP1900A BERT with expanded PCI Express® (PCIe) receiver test capability to support emerging PCIe 6.0 designs using PAM4 32-Gbaud technology. With the upgraded high-quality waveform performance of the PAM4 pulse pattern generator (PPG) MU196020A, the MP1900A can conduct PCIe receiver tests on high-end servers, high-performance computers, 400 GbE communications equipment, and other products, according to the latest high-speed, large-capacity PCIe standards.

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