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KIPiS articles

Issue:  KIPiS 2016 #1
Agilent Technologies has served scientific community for a half century, beginning with breakthrough products and technologies and extending to complete workflow solutions. Company provides the right combination of hardware, software, services, consumables and insights to address the full range of customers’ scientific and business needs both at the Russian and foreign markets. From the current interview with the General Director of Agilent Technologies in Russia Konstantin Evdokimov you will learn about new developments of Agilent and their benefits, the basic trends in the chromatography and mass spectrometry market, company positioning in Russia etc. Read the present interview for more details.

Issue:  KIPiS 2014 #6
On October 14 we had a great opportunity to meet with Dave Farrell, Vice- President of Tektronix, EMEA sales. This was his first visit to Russia having this title and it was a good chance to find his impression as well as to hear the latest news happening to Tektronix recently. Read the present interview to know about the work of Tektronix in terms of sanctions in Russia, advantages of Tektronix products and its plans for future.

Issue:  KIPiS 2014 #4
On June 25 in the office of Agilent Technologies (Keysight Technologies) in Moscow there was a meeting with Guy Séné, Senior Vice President of Electronic Measurement Group, who kindly agreed to give an interview for our magazine.

Issue:  KIPiS 2013 #6
An interview with Benoit Neel, Vice President and General Manager of EMEA, Electronic Measurement Group of Agilent Technologies

Issue:  KIPiS 2013 #6
Interview with Vladimir Lahov, Deputy Director of VNIIMS

Issue:  KIPiS 2013 #5
Hammond Hilton, Product Marketing Manager for oscilloscopes/multimeters ScopeMeter® series, Fluke Corporation, has kindly agreed to give an interview to our magazine. Mr. Hilton is saying about Fluke ScopeMeter test tools, marketing programs which have been prepared in order to promote the oscilloscopes/multimeters on the Russian market and what the oscilloscope of tomorrow is to his point of view.

Issue:  KIPiS 2013 #5
The present interview was given to our magazine by Joseph Bingold, SAPL Marketing Manager at Tektronix Inc. You will find out which products of SAPL Tektronix product line are the leaders nowadays, what the main points in the development strategy for spectrum analyzers are as well as many other interesting details. Also you will get to know about the sales results of Tektronix spectrum analyzers in Russia for today straight from Mr. Bingold’s own lips.

Author(s):  Afonskaya, Tatiana Afonskiy, Alexander
Issue:  KIPiS 2013 #3
On April 25-26 representatives of the press world had a unique opportunity to visit a press-event extremely well organized by Rohde&Schwarz. Rohde&Schwarz specialists were ready to give exclusive interviews, show informative presentations and demonstrate innovative devices of the company. Find more about this splendid event and read the interview with Roland Steffen, Head of the Test and Measurement Division, Executive Vice President of Rohde&Schwarz in the present article.

Issue:  KIPiS 2012 #2
On October 4-5 in Prague Agilent Technologies held its annual press-tour. About 33 editors of specialized technical editions from 15 different countries visited this event. Our latest magazine issue contained an interview with Benoit Neel, VP & General Manager EMEA Field Operations, and Jim Armentrout, EMEA Marketing Manager. In this issue you will have an opportunity to read an interview with one more representative of Agilent Technologies, Soon Chai Gooi, VP & General Manager, Electronic Instruments Business Unit, who kindly agreed to answer our question, thus about the demand for portable devices, the development of modular USB-devices etc.

Issue:  KIPiS 2012 #2
This year MDO4000 Mixed Domain oscilloscope by Tektronix won in the annual Best-in-Test content twice, it was awarded as the best in Oscilloscopes category and also called The 2012 Test Product Of The Year. To find out more about this unique device our editorial board decided to talk to Emanuela Speranza, Tektronix VP, Sales & Marketing, who kindly agreed to give an interview and tell more about the advantages of MDO. Also you’ll get to know more about the plans of Tektronix concerning the development of combined equipment, the distribution and marketing policy of the company.

Issue:  KIPiS 2011 #6
In the middle of October 2011 being kindly invited by Tektronix Vice-president of marketing we had a significant chance to visit Tektronix factory in Shanghai, China.

Issue:  KIPiS 2011 #6
On October 4-5 in Prague Agilent Technologies held its annual press-tour. About 33 editors of specialized technical editions from 15 different countries visited this event. Read an interview with Benoit Neel, VP & General Manager EMEA Field Operations, and Jim Armentrout, EMEA Marketing Manager, Agilent Technologies, in this issue.

Author(s):  Afonskiy, AlexanderAfonskaya, Tatiana
Issue:  KIPiS 2011 #4
In June we had the opportunity to visit the main office of Agilent Technologies, located in Santa Rosa, California, USA. In addition to administrative buildings, there are also research laboratories and manufacturing of certain Agilent’s products.

Issue:  KIPiS 2011 #2
In this interview Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Keithley Instruments Inc. Linda Rae says about the acquaintance of Keithley by Tektronix, about the background for this event. From this interview you can get to know about the work of the distribution network of the company as well as about the questions connected with the State Register of Russia. Read about the above mentioned facts and also about the plans for further Keithley work in the interview.

Issue:  KIPiS 2010 #6
Within the two-day international press conference in Istanbul (20 — 21 September 2010) we talked with Jay Alexander, Vice President and General Manager of the Digital Test Division, Oscilloscope Business, Agilent Technologies Inc. We discussed the features and benefits of new oscilloscopes models and the company plan for the development in oscilloscope business area.

Issue:  KIPiS 2010 #6
Within the two-day international press conference in Istanbul (20 — 21 September, 2010) we talked to Bor Chun Gooi, the Senior Manager of generalpurpose devices, Agilent Technologies. This department is responsible for the production and development of handheld, portable and low-cost (economy class) devices.

Issue:  KIPiS 2010 #5
Victor Mieres is responsible for the continuous regional success and penetration of National Instruments in Asia, as well as Russia, Africa, and the Middle East. Since joining NI in 1988 as an applications engineer, Victor worked on different sales and marketing positions and in 2007 took his current role as a Vice President of Sales, Asia. We took our chance to meet Victor at NIWeek Conference in Ostin (Texas, USA) to ask him some questions about National Instruments and its products.

Author(s):  Afonskiy, AlexanderAfonskaya, Tatiana
Issue:  KIPiS 2010 #1

At the end of 2009 President of Tektronix Amir Aghdaei visited Russia for the first time. Mr. Aghdaei and new head of Moscow representation of Tektronix company Patrice Jaunasse were invited for the interview by the editorial office of our magazine “Test & Measuring Instruments and systems”. Tektronix President informed about a new sphere of Tektronix activity – multimeters which are of very high interest for the company since being a promising market with high opportunity of growth. Of course there were questions concerning the financial crises asked and its influence on the company and Russian market, which according to the opinion of Tektronix representatives tends to change for the better judging from the business results of Textronix. These are just brief issues of the interview. To get acquainted with Tektronix strategy of work with dealership network and clients and get to know about the plans of Tektronix products promotion on Russian market you are welcome to read the interview.

Author(s):  Afonskiy, Alexander
Issue:  KIPiS 2009 #5

Specialists of Fluke company Henk Koppelmans, Fluke oscilloscopes development manager, and his college Wim Nederhoff visited Russia for the first time and showed their presentation named “The oscilloscopes of Fluke company and their use” during the seminar of “KIPiS” magazine. Here is the interview of Fluke representatives for the magazine in which they share their opinion concerning the oscilloscope market development within the terms of economic recession, questions of certification and their new products.

Author(s):  Afonskiy, Alexander
Issue:  KIPiS 2009 #4

The following interview was given by Samil Nasretdin, the Head of Moscow representation of Tektronix company. Mr. Nasretdin speaks about those products of Textronix which can be considered leading and are only being planned to appear on the market, gives his assessment to the development of measuring technique market in terms of economic crisis and shares his opinion about the promotion of Tektronix products on the Russian market

See the article here

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