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Bogdanoff, Daniel

Articles of this author

How to pick the right oscilloscope probe

Issue: KIPiS 2017 #1

There are literally hundreds of different oscilloscope probes available, so how do you choose the right one? There’s no single answer because all designs are different. But, here are some different probe characteristics you’ll want to consider before making a decision.

Why you should care about oscilloscope acquisition modes

Issue: KIPiS 2016 #3

The movement from analog to digital oscilloscopes has opened up a new world of measurement opportunities for engineers. Using an ADC paired with a plotter instead of a sweep generator paired with a CRT gives you the ability to change how your signal is acquired. To get the most confidence out of your oscilloscope readings, it’s crucial to understand the strengths and weaknesses of different acquisition modes. Learn how normal, averaging, and high resolution modes work and when you should use each one.

Make Great Oscilloscope Measurements

Issue: KIPiS 2016 #2

In oscilloscopes today, making a good signal measurement is easy. But, making a great measurement takes some expertise. As edge speeds increase and voltages decrease, your signal’s margin of error gets smaller and smaller. So, making a great oscilloscope measurement could mean the difference between meeting and not meeting your design parameters.

9 Things Scope users need to know about logic analyzers… because sometimes an MSO just won’t do the job

Issue: KIPiS 2015 #4

Logic analyzers offer two main meth-ods for capturing data, state mode and timing mode. Timing mode (sometimes known as «asynchronous mode») is the sampling methodology shared by both oscilloscopes and logic analyzers.

The Touch Screen Revolution

Issue: KIPiS 2015 #2


Current issue
#4 December 2021
KIPiS 2021 #4
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Modern instrumentation