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Smith, Trevor

Smith, Trevor

Technical Marketing Manager, Bench Instruments, EMEA, Tektronix

Trevor Smith is responsible for the market development of oscilloscopes in EMEA. A 21-year veteran of Tektronix, Trevor has held various sales and marketing positions in his career. His experience includes professional sales of semiconductor test systems, modular ATE, general purpose T&M products and software development tools.

Prior to his present role he was Distribution Sales Manager, responsible for appointment and management of Tektronix product resellers in the UK and EMEA.

Trevor has an HND in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Letchworth College of Technology, and a Certificate in Industrial Management from University of Bedfordshire.

Articles of this author

Troubleshooting problems in embedded systems with radio frequency communication channels

Issue: KIPiS 2011 #5

Wireless communication becomes a standard feature in emerging devices and the demand for wireless interfaces is agitated even more by low-cost components. In the debugging process of systems with wireless interfaces, development engineer has to analyze analog, digital and radio signals. The article describes the capabilities of Tektronix MDO4000 oscilloscope with combined analysis features enabling to analyze analog, digital and radio frequency signals which changes are interrelated over time.

Oscilloscope: the engineer’s universal instrument

Issue: KIPiS 2010 #3

From the moment of their creation oscilloscopes are widely used in the development of radars and aviation electronics, computers, space equipment, broadcasting devises, consumer electronics and various embedded systems. Firstly used as an instrument for visualization, oscilloscopes evolved into multifunctional instruments kit for research, development, production and maintenance. In this regard oscilloscope resembles a Swiss knife with many blades. This article tells about some of the applications of modern hiend oscilloscopes.

Debug and Validation of High Performance Mixed Signal Designs

Issue: KIPiS 2009 #6

High performance mixed analog and digital systems continue to evolve with increasing performance and complexity. Designers need to quickly find and analyze a wide range of problems from signal integrity issues to bus faults. This article explores time-saving techniques for design validation and debug in mixed signal environments.

DSP technology aids high-speed serial data analysis

Issue: KIPiS 2007 #5

In this article, the author shows how digital signal processing (DSP) can deliver benefits across the whole oscilloscope acquisition system, including the enhancement of frequency and phase response, channel matching, probe system performance, signal-to-noise behaviour and other key characteristics.

Signal Generators Aid Test and Measurement Challenges

Issue: KIPiS 2007 #4

In this article the author tells how AFG3000 Series arbitrary function generators may be used in some measurement applications.


Current issue
#4 December 2021
KIPiS 2021 #4
Topic of the issue:
Modern instrumentation