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Isaev L.

Articles of this author

Reformation of the International System of Units has strengthened its fundamental principles

Issue: KIPiS 2019 #1

As you know among seven main SI units the most vulnerable is kilogram since itís a physical object made by humans and it can be destroyed or damaged. The definitions of ampere, mole, and candela depend on the kilogram definition. Over the past hundred years of comparisons the stability of the kilogram prototype nominal value in comparison to the national standards demonstrated their masses discrepancy by 50 μg. How this problem has been solved you will learn from the present article.

To the history of light measurements in Russia

Issue: KIPiS 2015 #3

Moving towards 200 anniversary

Issue: KIPiS 2010 #3

135 years has passed from the day of signing of the Metrical Convention on the 20th of May, now the day is known as the World Metrology Day. On October 12 International Organization of Legal Metrology will celebrate its 55th anniversary. It means that in five years these two organizations can together celebrate the 200 anniversary of their metrological activity. This article tells about the history of their relations and a tendency to unite these organizations.†

International Arrangement 1999 ó the way to a mutual recognition of results of measurements

Issue: KIPiS 2009 #4

In 2009 the International arrangement of mutual recognition of national standards and certificates of calibration and measurements, issued by national metrological institution celebrates its 10th anniversary which will take place in Paris, France. The article is devoted to this event and includes detailed history of the metrology which took several steps. The International arrangement, signed in 1999 in Paris, played a vital role for further development of metrology, for the creation of global measuring system which provides the unity of measurements in the whole world.

D.I. Mendeleev and Metric Convention

Issue: KIPiS 2009 #1

The article is devoted to 175th anniversary of Great Russian scientist D.I. Mendeleev, the author of fundamental research in chemistry, physics, metrology, aerostatics, economy and other sciences without which it would be difficult to imagine any achievement in the field of technical progress. The author tells about the work of D.I. Mendeleev in International Committee Measures and Weights

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Modern instrumentation