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Davidson, Scott

Articles of this author

Measuring digital clock stability and jitter with an oscilloscope

Issue: KIPiS 2019 #2

As the heartbeat of embedded systems, clocks are critical to maintaining timing references and synchronization across components, subsystems and entire systems. As these examples of measurements have shown, modern oscilloscopes offer a broad set of measurements that take the mystery out of characterizРис. 10. Такие статистические измерения помогают ing and verifying jitter in clock circuits.

Tips for characterizing and troubleshooting jitter on embedded systems

Issue: KIPiS 2018 #3

Fundamentally, jitter is any unwanted deviation in signal edge timing from where it should be. Jitter is a fact of life in the design of embedded systems and communication links. As such, for systems to operate reliably under a broad range of conditions, thorough characterization of jitter is a must.

Become more efficient at five common debug tasks using an integrated oscilloscope

Issue: KIPiS 2014 #2

With complexity on the rise, modern mixed signal designs are proving to be a worthy adversary to designers. Embedded design engineers are having to wear multiple hats in order to efficiently troubleshoot and debug the latest designs. Debugging today’s designs requires working in a mixed domain environment, from DC to RF, with analog and digital signals, and serial and parallel buses. That means a modern measuring device should be combined and needs to give designers a more comprehensive set of functions and features to support efficient verification and debugging of embedded designs. To meet this need Tektronix has developed a new integrated oscilloscope MDO3000 that combines 6(!) instruments in a single small, portable package able to provide insight into both time and frequency domains. Find more in the present article.


Current issue
#4 December 2021
KIPiS 2021 #4
Topic of the issue:
Modern instrumentation