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New option: Improved close-in phase noise for the R&SŪSMF100A microwave signal generator

New option: Improved close-in phase noise for the R&SŪSMF100A microwave signal generator


Rohde & Schwarz has launched a new option for the R&S®SMF100A microwave signal generator. Especially in today’s microwave and A&D market, it is important to obtain reliable results when testing receivers and transmitters. That's why one of the highlights of the R&SŪSMF100A microwave signal generator is its outstanding phase noise performance. To improve this feature even more, Rohde & Schwarz has launched the R&SŪSMF-B22 option.

When improved close-in phase noise is needed, Rohde & Schwarz can offer the new R&SŪSMF-B22 option, which further enhances the SSB phase noise for small offsets from the carrier. The R&SŪSMF-B22 option can be installed in an R&SŪSMF100A microwave signal generator along with one of the R&SŪSMF-B122 (22 GHz) or R&SŪSMF-B144 (43.5 GHz) frequency options.

Two exemplary applications demonstrate the benefits of the R&SŪSMF-B22 option: First, Doppler radars need excellent close-in phase noise, because of the slow velocity of the target. Second, when frequency multiplication is used to achieve the required output frequency, the phase noise of the output signal increases by 20 log (multiplication factor).

- R&SŪSMF-B122 (22 GHz frequency option)
- R&SŪSMF-B144 (43.5 GHz frequency option)

Company profile:  Rohde & Schwarz

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