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Anritsu Introduces USB Auto Calibration Unit for ShockLine™ VNAs that Simplifies Complex Calibration Procedures

Anritsu Introduces USB Auto Calibration Unit for ShockLine™ VNAs that Simplifies Complex Calibration Procedures


Anritsu Company introduces the MN25208A SmartCal two-port 8.5 GHz auto calibration unit for its ShockLine family of vector network analyzers (VNAs). A plug-and-play calibration unit, SmartCal automatically powers on via a USB connection and loads calibration coefficients from on-board memory, for faster setup and error-free calibrations.

Ideal for manufacturing and test facilities, SmartCal reduces downtime and increases productivity by automatically calibrating a ShockLine VNA. Its ability to auto sense the VNA port numbers prevents bad calibrations due to incorrect or poor connections in multiport applications. The convenient one-plug USB interface of SmartCal eliminates the need for an external power supply and instantly provides a valid calibration result since it does not need to warmup, in contrast to all other currently available Automatic Calibration modules. This provides fast and efficient operation without wasted time waiting for the unit to reach operating temperature. The single connection calibration reduces wear and tear on connectors and cables compared to manual calibrations.

SmartCal is compatible with all ShockLine RF and microwave VNA models. The 2-port SmartCal allows for easier 4-port calibrations, as well, by minimizing interconnection steps. To further simplify complex calibration procedures, SmartCal can be used with Anritsu’s easyTest Tools to create complete automatic executables that can include visual instructions for the user. For automated test system (ATE) applications, SmartCal supports all necessary SCPI commands for straightforward integration into the ATE environment.

The economical ShockLine VNAs eliminate the need to buy expensive instruments by delivering solid performance to 40 GHz at a substantially lower price. The ShockLine family has been developed on patented ShockLine VNA-on-chip technology that simplifies the internal VNA architecture at high frequencies and reduces instrument cost, while enhancing accuracy and minimizing measurement uncertainty.

With five different instrument series at varying price and performance levels, ShockLine VNAs offer unprecedented value and performance to measure S-parameters, time domain characteristics and signal integrity of passive 1-port, 2-port, 3-port or 4-port devices in engineering, manufacturing and education environments.

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