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Rohde & Schwarz R&S MR6000A the world's first airborne transceiver to meet both military and civil avionics requirements

Rohde & Schwarz R&S MR6000A  the world's first airborne transceiver to meet both military and civil avionics requirements


The software defined radios (SDR) in the Rohde & Schwarz R&S M3AR family of VHF/UHF airborne transceivers have proven themselves in a wide range of applications over the years, and more than 6000 units have been ordered to date. These members of the successful radio family have been deployed in numerous airborne platforms, including A400M and KC-390 transport aircraft, Tornado, Eurofighter Typhoon, JAS 39 Gripen and F-16 jets, and NH90, Tiger and Sikorsky CH 53GA helicopters.

The R&S M3AR family’s R&S MR6000A will be used in the new A400M transport aircraft. Within the framework of this project, the transceivers successfully underwent the development processes defined in the RTCA/DO 178B (software) and RTCA/DO-254 (hardware) civil avionics standards. As a result, the R&S MR6000A is the first military VHF/UHF airborne transceiver to fulfill civil approval criteria for level C failure classification. Design assurance level C minimizes the most serious fault that could be caused by a transceiver: loss of communications with air traffic control.

Military aircraft must meet civil as well as military requirements. Only then are they permitted to operate in the global airspace without restrictions. The primary goal of civil avionics requirements is to protect the safety of individual aircraft and the whole of air traffic. Military planes must therefore be capable of interoperable communications in diverse mission scenarios and equipped to communicate with civil air traffic control.

The R&S MR6000A is the best-performing airborne transceiver in the R&S M3AR product family. It covers a frequency range from 30 MHz to 400 MHz. The high transmit power of 20 W in AM and 30 W in FM mode ensures a long range, even in poor weather conditions or when flying at low levels. The extremely robust transceiver is accommodated in an ARINC 600 housing and offers outstanding RF parameters, such as high sensitivity and large-signal immunity. It is highly immune to radiated interference (e.g. from powerful broadcast transmitters or radar equipment) and to cosmic radiation. It contains filters to suppress shortwave and VHF interference as well as interfering signals in the same frequency band (co-site operation). The transceivers also incorporate NATO-compatible data and voice encryption. Integrating transceiver and crypto capabilities in a single enclosure saves valuable space and reduces weight, cabling and logistics effort.

Rohde & Schwarz will exhibit the R&S MR6000A airborne transceiver and the R&S M3AR family of products at the Paris Air Show 2013 (hall 2c, C372).

Rohde & Schwarz,

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