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New Option Helps Engineers Perform Accurate, Convenient, High-Performance Bluetooth Audio Measurements

New Option Helps Engineers Perform Accurate, Convenient, High-Performance Bluetooth Audio Measurements


Keysight Technologies, Inc. introduced the enhanced U8903B audio analyzer with new Bluetooth audio measurement capabilities. The Bluetooth option enables the U8903B to make high-performance Bluetooth audio testing for R&D, quality assurance and production tests in the consumer and professional audio and wireless communication industries.

The U8903B operates with Bluetooth version 4.0 and supports AGHSP/HSP 1.2, AGHFP/HFP 1.6, A2DP and AVRCP profiles. The U8903B transmits a maximum output power of 5 dBm, ensuring that engineers can connect to, and accurately test, a wide variety of Bluetooth devices such as headsets, smart devices and automotive head units.

"The U8903B's Bluetooth option provides capabilities that allow users to make convenient and high-performance Bluetooth audio measurements," said Ee Huei Sin, vice president, Keysight's General-Purpose Electronic Measurement Division. "With this new option, Keysight now offers a powerful one-box solution that enables engineers to test analog, digital and Bluetooth audio applications."

To easily monitor the quality of the Bluetooth link and troubleshoot connection issues, the U8903B comes with the received power indicator and bit error rate measurement. The received power indicator is a visual indication of the power strength of the device-under-test (DUT), and gives users a quick and convenient way to check that the Bluetooth-RF link is strong enough. The bit error rate measurement shows the amount of error, given as a percentage, in the connection between the U8903B and the Bluetooth DUT. By monitoring changes in the bit error rate value, engineers can determine the causes of the link quality deterioration.

The U8903B audio analyzer also offers local loopback capability to provide fast and accurate loopback testing of Bluetooth chipsets, modules and devices. This feature allows the U8903B to simulate a Bluetooth transceiver to receive a Bluetooth audio signal from the DUT and loopback the same signal to the DUT. This ensures that both the uplink and downlink are tested at the same time, simplifying the test setup and reducing test time.

The U8903B is extremely flexible and comes with configurable options. In addition to new Bluetooth audio measurement capabilities, the U8903B offers speech and voice quality measurements, expandable bandwidth and digital audio interfaces, enabling engineers to accurately test wireless communication, component and integrated circuit audio applications.

Additional information about the Keysight U8903B audio analyzer is available at

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