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Keysight Technologies' UXM Enables 600 Mbps Data Throughput Testing with 4x4 DL MIMO, Carrier Aggregation, Advanced Integrated Channel Emulation

Keysight Technologies' UXM Enables 600 Mbps Data Throughput Testing with 4x4 DL MIMO, Carrier Aggregation, Advanced Integrated Channel Emulation


Keysight Technologies, Inc. announced the successful verification of category 12 data rates with just two component carriers using the UXM's new downlink 4x4 MIMO capabilities. Using two 20 MHz component carriers, 64 QAM downlink modulation, and 4x4 downlink MIMO techniques, Keysight demonstrated 600 Mbps downlink rates using two UXM wireless test sets connected in an array.

"The UXM's powerful platform was designed to handle higher-order MIMO, such as 4x4 and beyond, as well as the advanced modulation formats and multiple-carrier techniques required to deliver the full potential of LTE-Advanced," said Satish Dhanasekaran, general manager of Keysight's Mobile Broadband Operation. "We are pleased to continue the rapid delivery of new test capabilities enabling validation engineers to bring cutting-edge devices to market faster."

Along with 4x4 DL MIMO, the latest UXM release also includes support for Transmission Mode 9 (TM9). TM9, introduced in Release 10 of the 3GPP specifications, was designed to better exploit the use of multiple antennas and beamforming, enabling improved interference management.

Additionally, Keysight announced extensive updates to the UXM's built-in channel emulator, which now uniquely includes spatial channel models (UMi and UMa) allowing developers to characterize & verify device performance under more realistic conditions.

"With these upgrades, the UXM has undoubtedly the most powerful built-in channel emulator of any one box tester available on the market," said Garrett Lees, marketing manager of Keysight's Mobile Broadband Operation. "This further expands the utility of the tool for engineers tasked with bringing the next generation of devices to market".

MIMO enables higher data rates, increased capacity and improved performance at cell edges via multiple transmit and receive antennas. Building on the 2x2 MIMO inherent in LTE systems, LTE-Advanced introduced increased numbers of transmit and receive antennas, up to 8x8 downlink MIMO and 4x4 uplink MIMO configurations. Combined with carrier aggregation and advanced modulation schemes, higher-order MIMO promises to provide an improved mobile experience for subscribers.

More information about Keysight's UXM wireless test set is available at High resolution images are available at Videos demonstrating the UXM's versatile capabilities are available on YouTube. Contact Keysight at for E7515A UXM pricing and delivery information.

About Keysight in Wireless

From WLAN to LTE-Advanced to the new 5G technologies, Keysight is focused on tackling the toughest design and test problems in the industry with the broadest range of solutions. With the most advanced electronic measurement solutions consisting of powerful software tied to both benchtop and modular hardware, engineers are able to get greater insight into design and test from simulation to R&D, from validation to manufacturing, from conformance to deployment. With experienced engineers in significant roles in cellular and WLAN standards groups and hundreds of application engineers all over the world, Keysight expertise is there to solve customer problems. Additional information is available at and A knowledge library of application notes, CDs and more is available at

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