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Agilent Technologies Delivers World's Most Accurate Handheld Vector Network Analyzer

Agilent Technologies Delivers World's Most Accurate Handheld Vector Network Analyzer


Agilent Technologies introduced the N9923A FieldFox RF Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) - the world's most accurate handheld VNA. The FieldFox RF VNA provides the best measurement stability in the industry, 0.01 dB/degree Celsius, and offers the world's first integrated QuickCal calibration capability available in a handheld VNA. QuickCal enables consistent measurement results and confidence in the data while eliminating the need to carry a calibration kit into the field.

The FieldFox RF VNA expands Agilent's handheld instrument portfolio and is designed for field engineers working in aerospace, defense and network equipment manufacturing, who characterize or troubleshoot RF components for mission-critical communication systems. As a full 2-port network analyzer, the FieldFox RF VNA allows operators to simultaneously measure and display all four S-parameters. The FieldFox RF VNA is for engineers requiring more network analysis functionality than the flagship Agilent N9912A FieldFox RF analyzer, which is the world's most integrated handheld instrument for wireless installation and maintenance. The Agilent FieldFox family of analyzers set a new standard for ease-of-use, ruggedness and portability (less than 6.2 pounds).

With any vector network analyzer, calibration is a critical component. Traditional VNA calibration can be a headache - especially in a field environment. Traditional cals require cal kits and hardware accessories that not only need to be carried into the field, but also maintained. The FieldFox RF VNA addresses these frustrations head-on with QuickCal, the industry's first and only built-in calibration capability. Users can calibrate the FieldFox RF VNA without an external cal kit and without mechanical standards. With QuickCal, operators can perform a calibration in seconds, providing a quick and easy way to eliminate measurement errors.

Another challenge with many handheld instruments is the equipment's own drift over temperature. While this is not a major issue in a temperature-controlled office environment, it is a problem outdoors, where large temperature variations are prevalent. The FieldFox RF VNA has a stability specification of 0.01 dB/degrees Celsius, making the FieldFox RF VNA the industry's most stable handheld vector network analyzer over time and temperature. Therefore, drift errors due to the test equipment itself are very low.

The FieldFox RF VNA is the most rugged, weather-resistant handheld RF VNA on the market today. The FieldFox RF VNA offers a field-proof design with no fans or vents and is the only handheld network analyzer that meets and exceeds MIL PRF 28800F Class 2 compliance. Moreover, the FieldFox RF VNA is easy to use with a task-driven user interface that helps guide users smoothly through measurements.

Key FieldFox RF VNA features include:

  • superior dynamic range of 100 dB, which enables accurate measurements of high-rejection filters;
  • QuickCal, which allows users to calibrate the FieldFox RF VNA in seconds without the need for an external cal kit;
  • single-connection measurement of all four S-parameters in multiple formats including Smith chart, polar and group delay;
  • cable and antenna test (distance to fault, return loss and VSWR);
  • vector voltmeter (1- and 2-channel); and
  • power meter measurements up to 24 GHz with a USB power sensor.

"With its QuickCal, exceptional stability, intuitive usability, and all-in-one rugged handheld form factor, the FieldFox RF VNA offers the industry's most reliable and easy-to-use solution for network analyzer measurements in the field," said Gregg Peters, vice president and general manager of Agilent's Component Test Division.

Additional features of the FieldFox RF VNA include a wide angle and bright display, which enables the instrument to be viewed clearly under direct sunlight. To ensure convenient connectivity during field operation, the VNA supports all modern connectivity options (USB, LAN, and micro SD).

For more information about Agilent's N9923A FieldFox VNA, go to

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