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Compact EMC test solution provided by Rohde & Schwarz

Compact EMC test solution provided by Rohde & Schwarz


The new compactR&S® R-Line test chamber fr om Rohde & Schwarz combined with the R&SŪ TS8996 test system delivers an EMI/EMS test performance and accuracy for wireless devices that is comparable to that of systems 10 times larger. During development this compact solution replaces a complete anechoic chamber and complex setup for the critical frequency range of 800 MHz to 18 GHz. It is as effective up to 40 GHz. The R&SŪ R-Line fits into any lab and will significantly reduce infrastructure investments for manufacturers and test houses.

The Rohde & Schwarz solution meets all S-VSWR validation requirements defined in the CISPR16-1-4:2007 standard. This translates into a compact and economical solution for measurements in the microwave range that can be used in the R&D lab.

The benefits of this compact, high-performance system are numerous, including the ability to optimize factors such as radiated spurious emissions during the development phase. This can eliminate complex modifications during the final conformance tests, which significantly reduces time-to-market.

Further test capabilities in the microwave range can be added with software upgrade packages. This allows designers to determine parameters such as radiated power and sensitivity and to carry out free-space, over-the-air (OTA) performance measurements. As a result, comprehensive RF OTA characterization of the wireless device can begin while the device is still in development.

The R&SŪ TS8996 test system consists of tried-and-tested instruments from Rohde & Schwarz that stand out for their unsurpassed measurement accuracy and reliability: A typical system includes the R&SŪ CMU200 mobile radio tester, the R&SŪ FSP or R&SŪ FSU spectrum analyzer, and a signal generator for calibration.

CISPR - International Special Committee on Radio Interference

As its full name implies, CISPR's principal task is at the higher end of the frequency range, from 9 kHz upwards, preparing standards that offer protection of radio reception from interference sources such as electrical appliances of all types, the electricity supply system, industrial, scientific and electromedical RF, broadcasting receivers (sound and TV) and, increasingly, IT equipment (ITE).

CISPR's work involves equipment and methods for measuring interference, establishing lim its and immunity requirements, and prescribing (in liaison with other IEC technical committees) methods of measuring immunity.

The committee also takes account of the impact of safety regulations on interference suppression of electrical equipment.

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