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Rohde&Schwarz autonomous mobile test system R&SŪROMES2GO

Rohde&Schwarz autonomous mobile test system R&SŪROMES2GO


R&S®ROMES2GO is a Rohde&Schwarz autonomous walk test solution that records and stores QoS and performance data in 3GPP mobile radio networks. All measurement results – even past error events such as dropped calls – are saved to the data card in the test mobile phone. No measurement data is lost. The results are based on Nokia mobile phones N95, N6120, N6121 (GSM, GPRS, EDGE, WCDMA, HSDPA) on the Symbian operating system and can be equipped with the Nokia test mobile phone (NTM) test software.

Whereas a conventional test system requires components such as a PC, test mobile phones and GPS receivers, R&SŪROMES2GO runs on a mobile phone – which translates into key advantages in terms of size, weight and mobility. Despite a mobile phone’s limited performance in comparison with a PC, R&SŪROMES2GO covers the complete range of relevant measurements. The slim architecture makes it possible to show the desired measurement results in real-time on different displays, and to perform basic analyses and store them for detailed analyses at a later time. Straightforward, logically grouped lists and tables provide a clear overview of important measurement results.

The LC screen displays the measurement results both alphanumerically and graphically. Two-dimensional (2D) graphs are used to visualize measurement results whose history is important for an effective analysis. For example, the trace of the receive levels is of crucial importance for evaluating a handover.

The R&SŪROMES2GO menu allows the user to sel ect a specific measurement task fr om a number of predefined tasks, which then configures the subsequent measurement. Task files can easily be defined or designed by using R&SŪROMES2GO Bridge. Individual scripting (series of various tasks to be executed) provides autonomous measurements.

Using the integrated ring buffer for measurement data, which always stores the measurement data for at least 60 seconds, R&SŪROMES2GO ensures that no measurement is started too late and that all required data is available for analysis. After completing the measurement, R&SŪROMES2GO offers users the option to automatically transfer the generated measurement file via FTP to a preconfigured server, fr om where the files can be immediately used for farther processing.

R&SŪROMES2GO offers field engineers everything they need for fast on-site analysis. The real-time display of measurement results enables them to immediately respond to problems. Any necessary changes made to the network configuration can subsequently be verified on the spot. The inconspicuous mobile phone in combination with R&SŪROMES2GO allow measurements inside buildings or in pedestrian zones to be taken quickly and efficiently. The system is ideal for applications wh ere electronic measuring equipment is not desired, e.g. at airports or in other security-relevant areas. R&SŪROMES2GO comes in different languages of ease use.

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Company profile:  Rohde & Schwarz

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