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Agilent Technologies introduces the EMC measurement application for pre-compliance testing

Agilent Technologies introduces the EMC measurement application for pre-compliance testing


Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) introduced the N/W6141A Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) measurement application for its X-Series signal analyzers.

Ideal for R&D engineers in the aerospace/defense, automotive and communications industries, the EMC measurement application enables easier, more accurate pre-compliance emissions testing of prototype electrical components, sub-assemblies and systems. It is the only pre-compliance test solution on the market today that helps users reduce test margins, while ensuring their devices meet all regulatory limits.

Agilent's new N/W6141A EMC measurement application allows R&D engineers to evaluate the electromagnetic interference (EMI) performance of their designs. Its excellent sensitivity and measurement accuracy enables identification of low-level signals and guarantees more precise measurement of signals against commercial (CISPR 16-1-1) and MIL-STD limits with pass/fail and delta indicators. It also enables easy differentiation of ambient signals from device emissions. A frequency scan can be used to continuously search and measure signals, while a strip chart display and real-time detectors enable views of intermittent emissions over time. This allows the engineer to easily identify out-of-limit device emissions.

Some of the key features available in Agilent's new EMC measurement application include:

  • signal lists (e.g., delta to limit) that can be used to mark, sort or delete signals to quickly reduce the measured signal list to only those signals that are out of specification;
  • real-time detectors for measuring peak, quasi-peak and the EMI/RMA average amplitude of selected signals to maximize emissions using real-time measurements; and
  • the ability to re-measure signals in the signal list for easy verification of failed signal emissions repairs.

The EMC measurement application supports a hardkey and softkey manual user interface and SCPI remote interface. As an X-Series measurement application, the application can be easily transferred between X-Series signal analyzers (the PXA, MXA and EXA) with transportable licensing. Support for this application across the entire X-Series platform, coupled with the platform's common algorithms, ensures consistent, repeatable results.

The Agilent X-Series signal analyzers represent an evolutionary approach to signal analysis that spans instruments, measurements and software. These analyzers provide a consistent framework for signal analysis and the flexibility to address business and technical requirements across multiple products and programs -- now and in the future.

More information about the X-Series' EMC measurement application is available at

Agilent Technologies (

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