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New R&S ZVA110 network analyzer from Rohde & Schwarz handles gapless measurements from 10 MHz to 110 GHz

New R&S ZVA110 network analyzer from Rohde & Schwarz handles gapless measurements from 10 MHz to 110 GHz


A new high-end network analyzer from Rohde & Schwarz strengthens the company’s position in the network analysis segment of the test and measurement market. The R&S ZVA110 covers the entire frequency range from 10 MHz to 110 GHz. Its wide dynamic range, high output power and fast measurement speed make the analyzer ideal for measurements on passive and active components well into the millimeter-wave range. Rohde & Schwarz millimeter-wave converters take the R&S ZVA110 beyond the 110 GHz limit and make it suitable for band-specific solutions in the range up to 500 GHz. In addition, the R&S ZVA110 is able to perform frequency-converting pulsed measurements.

The R&S ZVA110 can characterize two-port DUTs with a continuous frequency range from 10 MHz to 110 GHz. The analyzer is ideal for applications such as vehicular radar and parking assist systems (at 77 GHz) for automobiles, general radar applications (e.g. at 94 GHz) or wireless backhaul applications in the 79/80 GHz range. Researchers and developers whose work is in the millimeter-wave range (e.g. in the field of microwave imaging) will also benefit from the performance of the R&S ZVA110.

The R&S ZVA110 is based on the R&S ZVA67 four-port network analyzer, which has a range of up to 67 GHz. Two frequency converters with electronic power control have been added to cover the range from 70 GHz to 110 GHz.

The electronic attenuator of the frequency converters allows seamless power calibration and power sweeps, even for compression measurements on amplifiers above 70 GHz. Depending on application requirements, the DUT can be connected directly via the 1 mm plug or it can be connected to a wafer prober. The R&S ZVA67 base unit has a unique architecture with four test ports, four integrated signal sources and eight receivers. This architecture allows the user to perform convenient multiport measurements on amplifiers, mixers and balanced DUTs. The R&S ZVA110 can also measure very short pulses with high resolution (12.5 ns in the pulse profile mode).

The modular network analysis concept used exclusively by Rohde & Schwarz includes a wide variety of options and accessories to ensure high investment protection and enable users to configure the analyzer according to their specific requirements. All Rohde & Schwarz millimeter-wave converters can be used, for example, to expand the frequency range of the R&S ZVA110 to the specific requirements of various frequency bands for measurements up to 500 GHz.

Rohde & Schwarz presented the new R&S ZVA110 network analyzer at European Microwave Week 2010 (28-30 September, 2010, Paris).

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