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Introducing the complete line of Fluke IR Windows

Introducing the complete line of Fluke IR Windows


Fluke is proud to announce a new addition to its leading IR Window products. For the first time, a customer can select an IR Window designed specifically for the location. Why install an increased specification outdoor IR Window into an indoor panel? The NEMA codes are different and so should the IR Window. The Fluke engineering team has developed a new IR Window specifically for indoor applications built on the tried and trusted technology of the existing outdoor CLKT line.

The CLKTO IR Window will, for the first time, offer customers the chance to expand thermography into areas previously deemed too large an investment for higher specification units.

CLKTO is specifically designed for indoor equipment and incorporates a clear impact resistant “viewing pane” which complies fully with IEEE and ANSI requirements for indoor switchgear rated at up to 72kV. CLKTO also incorporates the revolutionary Quadraband™ optic technology as the CLKT model, plus the longevity of CLIRVU® coating.

Features and Benefits:

  • Quadraband™ optic technology gives users maximum flexibility. By allowing users to inspect their equipment four different ways, inspection cameras can be upgraded or swapped out anytime without incurring any additional costs to replace IR Windows.
    Fluke IR Windows can be used with the following camera technologies:
    • Longwave infrared inspection
    • Midwave infrared inspection
    • Visual inspection
    • Corona/Ultraviolet inspection

  • CLIRVU coating system eliminates moisture degradation and thanks to its anti-static properties, helps repel airborne dust and grime keeping both sides of the window clean.
  • AutoGround™, only available on Fluke IR Windows – automatically grounds upon installation for maximum safety and compliance. No additional steps or testing required.
  • Unique front fixing design eliminates the problem of dielectric clearance reduction and the chance of internal fixings working loose, causing an explosion
  • Twist-off covers with magnetic securing mechanism – helps get the cover out of the way but still within reach and in sight.
  • Locking security screws
  • Free security access key


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