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Anritsu Company Introduces Web-Based Line Sweep and Documentation Tracking Tool for Handheld Analyzers

Anritsu Company Introduces Web-Based Line Sweep and Documentation Tracking Tool for Handheld Analyzers


Anritsu Company introduces Sweep Master, a web-based application designed to save carriers, management companies, and contractors time and money by improving efficiency and quality when deploying, installing, and maintaining wireless networks. Designed to work with certain Site Master™ cable and antenna analyzers, Spectrum Masterô handheld spectrum analyzers, and BTS Masterô base station analyzers, Sweep Master is a line sweep and documentation tracking tool for large multi-site installation and maintenance projects.

Measurements that can be tracked with Sweep Master include return loss, cable loss, Distance-to-Fault (DTF), Passive Intermodulation (PIM), and Distance-to-PIM. Sweep Master increases the productivity of tracking these traces with a number of web-based features, such as auto file upload and renaming; auto marker and limit line placements; and auto red/green pass/fall trace flagging.

Sweep Master has a unique Bulk Upload system that enables users to upload and process entire folders of traces at once. The result is approximately 190 individual traces can be processed and available for online review in less than one minute. It would take hours to upload, set markers, set limit lines, rename, and judge a similar number of traces using other methods.

Simple to operate, users have access as-needed and simply log on, enter their desired “site profile,” and upload their testing and/or turnover data using simple web and drop-down menus. Sweep Master is fast, easy, and can be accessed from anywhere around the world. In fact, a construction crew can be building a site, with the project management team hundreds of miles away, and result notifications and communications are instantaneous.

Sweep Master comes in two versions. Sweep Master Pro enables capture of cable, antenna, and PIM traces on a password protected web site by field personnel. Sweep Master Pro automatically places marker and limit lines as well as applying pass/fail criteria for all traces. This pass fail criteria includes red/green flagging to speed project review. Sweep Master Pro+ starts with the Pro capabilities and adds document management and reporting tools. The Pro+ simplifies project management, shortens rework time, and dramatically eases reporting tasks.

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