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R&S®DVMS DTV monitoring system from Rohde & Schwarz for the first time provides full monitoring of DVB-T2 networks

R&S®DVMS DTV monitoring system from Rohde & Schwarz for the first time provides full monitoring of DVB-T2 networks


The R&S®DVMS compact DTV monitoring system now supports monitoring and analysis of DVB-T2 signals. Two new options make the system the only solution on the market that combines all monitoring functions for DVB-T2 networks in a single instrument. Network operators can monitor both the DVB-T2 transmitter and the signal feed via the T2 modulator interface (T2-MI) without any additional equipment. Plus, the R&S®DVMS supports the monitoring of single-frequency networks (SFN) and of the RF spectrum (shoulder measurement).

The implementation of DVB-T2, the successor to the DVB-T standard, is already underway: In Europe, the first networks to offer all the advantages of DVB-T2 – such as 30 percent higher transmission capacity, terrestrial program transmission in HD quality and stronger broadcasting coverage – are being set up. To provide full monitoring of DVB-T2 networks, Rohde & Schwarz is launching two DVB-T2 options for its R&S®DVMS DTV monitoring system.

Using the new R&S®DVMS-B54 DVB-T2 receiver module, network operators can measure and demodulate DVB-T2 signals. The R&S®DVMS-K3 option makes it possible to monitor and analyze T2-MI signals via the ASI and IP interfaces of the R&S DVMS. For the IP interface, the R&S®DVMS supports electrical as well as optical feeding, allowing it to be used independently of the feed circuits available in the network. In addition, the DVB-T options for shoulder and SFN measurements are now available for DVB-T2 as well.

Only one height unit in size, the R&S®DVMS is the most compact instrument on the market that can monitor multiple digital TV signals simultaneously. It detects all relevant errors on RF, IP and transport-stream level, providing network operators with a comprehensive monitoring solution. The R&S®DVMS family features two models: The R&S®DVMS4 can simultaneously monitor the RF signals from up to four transmitters at a transmitter site, and the R&S®DVMS1 is ideal for transmitter sites where only one RF or transport-stream signal needs to be monitored. In addition to the DVB-T, DVB S and DVB-S2 transmission standards, the R&S®DVMS now also supports DVB-T2. The R&S®DVMS family is extremely flexible and can easily be scaled to meet users’ specific requirements, while offering an excellent price/performance ratio.

The launch of the R&S®DVMS-K3 option (T2-MI monitoring) is scheduled for June 2011.

Rohde & Schwarz

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