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New high-end R&S FSW analyzer features minimum phase noise, maximum bandwidth and superb operating convenience

New high-end R&S FSW analyzer features minimum phase noise, maximum bandwidth and superb operating convenience


The R&S FSW signal and spectrum analyzer from Rohde & Schwarz outperforms all comparable high-end instruments on the market in both RF performance and bandwidth. For the first time, developers are able to view multiple measurement applications at a glance as well as analyze signal interactions – two important features that make complex measurement tasks significantly easier.

The high-end R&S FSW signal and spectrum analyzer comes in three models that cover the frequency ranges 2 Hz to 8 GHz, 13 GHz or 26,5 GHz. The R&S FSW was specially designed to meet the requirements of development laboratories in the aerospace, defense and communications industries. The result is reflected in its excellent technical features.

The practical 12,1" touchscreen is the first feature that catches users’ attention. The MultiView function allows users to display the results of different applications on the touchscreen at the same time, enabling them to keep track of even the most complex signal analyses and find errors more easily. An additional benefit is the elimination of time-consuming switching between measurement applications.

At 10 kHz carrier offset, the R&S FSW achieves a phase noise specification of less than -137 dBc (1 Hz), which is up to 10 dB less than comparable instruments on the market. This is especially important for developers of RF components and complete systems for radar applications. By taking advantage of the analyzer’s excellent phase noise specification, they can achieve more stable radar signals. Equipped with the R&S FSW-K6 option, the R&S FSW also supports comprehensive analysis of pulsed signals, e.g. for radar applications. Its broad analysis bandwidth of up to 160 MHz allows the R&S FSW to measure wideband, hopping and chirp signals, which makes it ready today for the requirements of tomorrow’s wireless standards such as the 802.11ac. Developers can also detect spurious emissions extremely quickly with the R&S FSW thanks to its low inherent noise and its ability to rapidly analyze wide frequency ranges, even when using narrow resolution bandwidths.

The R&S FSW is the perfect instrument for developers of wireless communications base stations and components. They especially appreciate the analyzer’s broad 160 MHz demodulation bandwidth and multi-standard radio analysis function: The combination of these two features in a single instrument makes it possible for the first time to simultaneously measure multiple mobile radio and wireless standards at different frequencies. Users can easily spot signal interaction among the standards. Josef Wolf, Director of the Spectrum Analysis, Network Analysis and EMC Subdivision at Rohde & Schwarz, points out: "These measurements are essential for multi-standard base stations of the future. That is why we have integrated the multi-standard radio analyzer into the R&S FSW. This feature, combined with the large touchscreen display, provides functionality that is unique on the market. The optimum analyzer for tomorrow’s developments is now available today."

The new high-end R&S FSW signal and spectrum analyzer is now available from Rohde & Schwarz. Visit for more information.

Rohde & Schwarz

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