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Anritsu introduce error detector and other enhancements MP1800A to support 32.1Gbit/s BER measurement capability

Anritsu introduce error detector and other enhancements MP1800A to support 32.1Gbit/s BER measurement capability


Anritsu introduced a high-sensitivity error detector and other additions to its MP1800A BERT (Bit Error Rate Tester) signal quality analyser to support multi-channel BER measurements up to 32.1Gbit/s. The enhanced MP1800A is suitable for testing the backplanes, cables, and interconnects used in the next generation of ultra-high speed network equipment.

Featuring industry-best Receive sensitivity of 10mV (typical) and the fastest auto-adjust function on the market, the MP1800A with its new error detector provides signal integrity engineers with a highly accurate test solution to verify that components comply with industry standards for high-speed transmission, such as 100GBASE-SR4 and 100GBASE-KR4.

Providing a wideband bit rate from 2.4Gbit/s to 32.1Gbit/s, the error detector features an auto-adjust function that permits simultaneous search in less than one second, and automatically detects the optimum BER voltage threshold and phase levels for up to eight channels. This helps the user to improve the efficiency of the test process and to lower the cost of testing.

The extended functions of the MP1800A created by the new device support simultaneous measurement of low-amplitude, small eye-opening test outputs for multiple channels.

Anritsu also today introduced a 32Gbit/s extension option for its MP1825B 4Tap Emphasis that features industry-leading speed and low jitter for up to four taps, allowing it to create emphasis that matches every industry standard. The MP1825B with the new option can be configured with the Anritsu MP1800A BERT signal quality analyser to accurately measure the performance of interconnects used in high-speed networking applications.

To shorten development time, the MP1825B control software automatically calculates the optimum emphasis settings based on S21 parameters created from measurements taken with a vector network analyser (VNA) or with a simulator using the Emphasis Optimization function. The software, combined with the overall high performance of the MP1825B, helps to ensure precise measurements while reducing test time.

Alongside this new emphasis option, Anritsu today introduced a PAM8 converter for its MP1800A BERT signal quality analyser, adding to the PAM8 conversion capability already available. The MP1800A thus supports the generation of high quality 4- or 8-level pulse amplitude modulation (PAM) data signals, for accurate testing of high-speed data transmission up to 32.1Gbit/s.

The MP1800A BERT and PAM4/PAM8 converters are intended for use by signal integrity engineers developing advanced network designs, such as super-channel, necessitated by the dramatic increase in data traffic resulting from the adoption of cloud computing, LTE services and streaming video. The MP1800A , integrated with the PAM4 or PAM8 converter, is well suited to verifying the performance of the multiple synchronised channels common in these high-speed designs.

Anritsu Corporation,

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