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1 mm Pitch Header and Socket Strips

1 mm Pitch Header and Socket Strips


Mill-Max is pleased to announce new additions to our line of fine pitch connectors with the introduction of 1 mm pitch headers and sockets. These through-hole, single row sockets and headers are ideal for real estate saving interconnect solutions. The 860-10-0XX-10-002000 header and 861-13-0XX-10-002000 socket (XX=2 to 50) join our 1.27 mm (.050”); 1.778 mm (.070) and 2 mm (.0787) pitch interconnect offerings.

These connectors are through-hole soldered to the PCB, providing support and durability for applications requiring multiple insertions and extractions. The 860 series header and 861 series socket have solder tail diameters of .015 (.38 mm) and .014 (.36 mm) respectively. These tail diameters allow for smaller PCB holes resulting in greater clearance between holes for routing circuitry. The insulator bodies have standoffs on the termination side of the connectors to aid in solder flow during the soldering process. The header and socket provide a mated height of .196 (4.98 mm) for board stacking applications.

The 860-10-0XX-10-002000 and 861-13-0XX-10-002000 are available in 2 -50 positions and are RoHS compliant; sockets have gold-plated shells and contacts; headers have gold-plated pins. Hard gold plating, on both the 860 series header pins (10u) and the 861 series receptacle internal contacts (30u), provides optimum conductivity and effective wear resistance. Both connectors have high temperature insulators suitable for RoHS soldering processes.

All Mill-Max pin headers and receptacle sockets feature high-speed screw machined pins and receptacles manufactured to precision tolerances. Inside each 861 series receptacle is a precision- stamped beryllium copper Mill-Max #04 contact clip with a pin acceptance range of .008-.013 (.2 mm - .33 mm) diameter and a current rating of 2 amps.

Mill-Max Mfg. Corp.,

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