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Yokogawa released two new modules and DC12V Power Drive (option)

Yokogawa released two new modules and DC12V Power Drive (option)


The DL850 ScopeCorder Series are modular, waveform recording instruments that can measure voltage, current, strain, acceleration, and other phenomena-- simultaneously.

With high speed sampling, high isolation withstand voltage, and multichannel measurements, the DL850 Series offers powerful support in the development, evaluation, and quality control of energy efficient devices.

High speed (100 MS/s), High resolution (12-bit), 1kV isolated measurements.

Yokogawa's isoPRO technology offers industry-leading isolation performance at the highest speeds. The isoPRO core technology is designed with energy savings applications in mind. It gives you the performance needed to develop high efficiency inverters, which employ high voltages, large currents, and high operating speeds.

High Speed & High Withstand Voltage Isolation Technology

Using high speed optical fiber-based transmissions, the module achieves high speed ADC clock and data isolation.

720210 High-speed 100 MS/s 12-Bit Isolation Module(Max. four(4) modules can be installed in a main unit.)

The lineup includes two new module types:

A 16-CH Temp./Voltage Input Module:

  • High-speed Voltage
  • High-precision voltage
  • Temperature
  • Acceleration
  • Logic Input
  • 16-CH Temp./Voltage

and a CAN & LIN Bus Monitor Module (DL850V only):

  • High Voltage
  • 16-CH Voltage
  • Strain
  • Frequency
  • CAN Monitoring (with the DL850V)
  • CAN & LIN Monitoring (for DL850V only)

All DL850 modules can be combined with measurement modules from the DL750 series products.

The 16-CH Voltage Input Module (scanner type) can measure at 10 kS/s sample rate even when using all 16 channels. With this module populating all 8 input module slots, the DL850 performs 128-CH voltage measurements.

The Logic Input Module supports everything from TTL levels, to high voltage contact closures at up to 10 MS/s. With eight logic modules, the DL850 can monitor and capture 128 bits of logic.

To visualize long term trends in durability testing and other situations, data is typically acquired at low-speed sample rates. On the other hand, suddenly-occurring transitional phenomena should be captured at high-speed sample rates.

The "Dual Capture" feature resolves these conflicting requirements by recording at two different sampling rates.

  1. Zoom Waveform - You can record up to 5,000 phenomena of high speed trigger measurements (up to 100 MS/s) at a record length of 5-500 kPoints while taking trend measurements at up to 100 kS/s.
  2. Event Waveform -Displays the timing at which high speed "sub" waveforms are acquired
  3. Low Speed Main Waveform - Max: 100 kS/s Trend waveform displayed in a low-speed Roll mode
  4. Capture Waveform - Max 100 MS/s Capture transients with high speed trigger measurement


Company profile:  Yokogawa

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