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NI Embedded Monitoring Products Minimize Downtime, Prevent Structural Failure and Analyze Fatigue

NI Embedded Monitoring Products Minimize Downtime, Prevent Structural Failure and Analyze Fatigue


The NI WSN-3214 strain/bridge completion node features hardware-timed waveform acquisition and is ideal for wireless structural health monitoring of bridges, buildings and equipment. With expanded voltage range, faster sampling rates and higher integrated electronic piezoelectric (IEPE) excitation, the NI 9232 C Series module is a data acquisition card optimized for industrial accelerometers, tachometers and proximity probes in condition monitoring applications.

National Instruments announces two new products to help engineers monitor machines, heavy equipment and aging infrastructure. Engineers can integrate the wireless sensor network (WSN) strain node and C Series module with NI CompactRIO for predictive maintenance to predict faults, analyze fatigue, lower operating costs and decrease downtime.

“With NI wireless sensor networks and the new WSN strain node, we can easily monitor critical structures without excessive cables,” said Sharon L. Wood, professor and department chair of civil, architectural and environmental engineering at The University of Texas at Austin. We use WSN nodes that are programmable with LabVIEW for onboard analysis of strain data to achieve an in-depth understanding of structural response.

Product Features

WSN-3214 Strain Node

  • Four analog input channels that support quarter-, half- and full-bridge completion
  • Two digital I/O channels for event detection and programmatic control
  • Ability to perform onboard data processing, save data locally, or predict fault conditions with the NI LabVIEW WSN Module

NI 9232 C Series Module

  • ±30 V input range, 4 mA IEPE current excitation and 41 kHz bandwidth
  • Screw terminals and open/short sensor detection for use in permanent industrial monitoring applications

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