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NCSL International Conference 2010

NCSL International Conference 2010


Why should your business have an interest in metrology? If the goal of your business is to make a quality product or service, and ultimately a profit, then metrology has a direct impact on your business. Metrology is the science of measurement, and measurements are critical to industry.

All science and technology activities are involved in creating new and unique directions for measurement innovation to transpire. Whether you work in a commercial calibration or testing laboratory, National Metrology Institute, accreditation agency, or measurement & test equipment manufacturing facility, consider the measurement innovations that have occurred or will occur in your work environment in the 21st century.

Conference Theme: 21st Century Innovations in Metrology

About NCSL International

NCSL International was formed in 1961 (as NCSL*) to promote cooperative efforts for solving the common problems faced by measurement laboratories. Today, NCSL International has over 1500 Member Organizations from academic, scientific, industrial, commercial and government facilities around the world. This wide representation of experience provides Members a rich opportunity to exchange ideas, techniques, and innovations with others engaged in measurement science.

The mission of NCSL International is to advance technical and managerial excellence in the field of Metrology, Measurement Standards, Conformity Assessment, Instrument Calibration, as well as Test and Measurement, through voluntary activities aimed at improving product and service quality, productivity, and the competitiveness of Member Organizations in the international marketplace.

NCSL International is a nonprofit organization, whose membership is open to any organization with an interest in the science of measurement and its application in research, development, education, or commerce.

The acronym "NCSL" stands for "The National Conference of Standards Laboratories".

Start date:  07/25/2010
End date:  07/29/2010
Venue:  Rhode Island Convention Center, Providence, RI, USA
Organizer:  NCSL International

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