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XIIIth Moscow International Innovative Forum “Precision measurements - the basis of quality and safety”

XIIIth Moscow International Innovative Forum “Precision measurements - the basis of quality and safety”


12th Moscow internationsl innovation forum “Precise measurements - the basis of the quality and safety” is in support of the state policy in the field of modernization and technological development of the Russian economy.

Forum program

  • 12th Exhibition of Measuring Tools and Metrological Support “METROLEXPO-2016”
  • 5th Specialized Exhibition of nondestructive inspection aids, technical diagnostics, instrumentation and “CONTROL&DIAGNOSTIC-2015”
  • 5th Specialized Exhibition of commercial and technological energy resources metering “RESMETERING-2015”
  • 4rd Specialized Laboratory Equipment Exhibition “LABTEST-2015”
  • 3rd Specialized Exhibition of automated process control systems “PROMAUTOMATIC-2015”
  • 1st All-Russian Congress of Metrologists and constructors of devices
  • Russian National Exhibition Competitive Program “FOR THE UNIFORMITY OF MEASUREMENTS”

Status and mission of modern metrology

The Congress of metrologists and instrument engineers is highly authoritative all-Russian conference in the field of instrumentation, where the representatives of the engineering society, business and government control discuss the current problems facing the Russian industry in order to insure global competitiveness and full-scale integration into present day international commodity and service market by means of innovative instrument technology implementation.

The congress schedule was formed to facilitate the constructive dialog between the manufacturers and consumers of the Instrumentation products and to ensure successful show of the innovative engineering achievements. The congress moderators include the Heads of federal ministries, government agencies, institutes and merited Russian metrilogists.

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Start date:  05/17/2017
End date:  05/19/2017
Venue:  Russia, Moscow, VDNKh hall 75
Organizer:  The Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology (Rosstandart)

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