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NEMA Publishes Electric Connector Standard

NEMA Publishes Electric Connector Standard


NEMA, Rosslyn, Va., has published ANSI C119.5-2009, Electric Connectors — Insulation Piercing Connector Systems, Rated 600 Volts or Less (Low-Voltage Aerial Bundled Cables and Insulated and Non-Insulated Line Wires), which was produced by the ANSI C119.5 subcommittee on Insulation Piercing Connectors and approved by the Accredited Standards Committee on Connectors for Electrical Utility Applications, C119. The new standard establishes the electrical, mechanical, and environmental test requirements for electrical insulation piercing connectors. The text covers insulation piercing connectors used for making electrical connections between insulated, insulated-to-bare, and bare-to-bare conductors rated 600V or less and 90°C (low-voltage aerial bundled cables and bare and insulated line wires) on overhead distribution lines for electric utilities.

“Several years of work have gone into the development of this comprehensive standard, with input from a diverse group of users, producers, test labs, and others,” says Ron Lai, chair of the ANSI C119.5 subcommittee. “With the economy becoming more global, square millimeter cable sizes have been included in the standard should utilities choose to use them. As the only American National Standard encompassing insulation piercing connectors for power distribution systems, ANSI C119.5 will be a great addition to the standards libraries of electric utilities and other interested parties.”

The contents and scope of ANSI C119.5 may be viewed, or a hardcopy or electronic copy purchased for $64, by visiting the NEMA Web site.

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