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New GNSS Simulator Capabilities Debut at the ION Conference


Spectracom, a company of the Orolia Group, announced at the ION GNSS Conference the introduction of new capabilities for its GSG line of GPS / GNSS constellation simulators. These features reinforce Spectracom’s leadership position for flexible, user-friendly and affordable characterization and test of GPS and GNSS devices and systems. Key features include:

  • GLONASS+GPS capability: the first in a line of GNSS simulators to simultaneously reproduce multiple GNSS signals, in accurate synchronization, for testing the latest multi-constellation receivers.
  • The introduction of GSG StudioView™ PC software to provide easy creation and editing of simulation scenarios including a Google Maps-based trajectory builder.
  • The ability to support very high velocity and acceleration simulations for aerospace applications.
  • A web browser interface for easy remote control and monitoring of the simulator.

Designed with Development and Test Engineers in mind, the GSG-54 8-channel simulator and GSG-55 16-channel simulator supports quick and efficient qualification of designs and performance under virtually any condition unlike live sky or record and replay solutions. Together with the simplicity, portability and repeatability, users can run more tests, and extend the test set-up into manufacturing and final test environments.

GSG-54 8-channel simulator  GSG-55 16-channel simulator

A web browser interface for easy remote control and monitoring of the simulator.

According to Spectracom chief technical officer, John Fischer, “As the integration of GPS receivers continue to proliferate in a wide range of devices, engineers need efficient and practical solutions to qualify the robustness of their designs and final assembled products. We understand the importance value plays in GPS and GNSS test solutions and are excited to introduce the ability to readily test complex scenarios at a price under $20K.”

The ability to support very high velocity and acceleration simulations for aerospace applications.
As a part of Spectracom’s focus on supporting fast and efficient test operations, the Company also announced GSG StudioView PC software. In addition to Spectracom’s GSG simulators capability of configuration and operation without the need for an external computer, GSG StudioView allows users to build and manage the most complex simulation scenarios including visual trajectories. It also supports the import and conversion of trajectory files from other software applications and devices such as Google Earth.

Spectracom also announces for the first time at the ION Conference the new model GSG-56 GNSS constellation simulator with support for GPS and GLONASS receivers. Lisa Withers, Spectracom President and CEO, comments, “We understand the importance of the industry trend to augment GPS and ensure a high degree of reliability and affordability of new products and services that depend on new GNSS constellations. Toward that end, we believe our newly expanded line of simulators will stand up to these challenges and with the new GSG-56 provide easy access to test multiple GNSS receivers.” Availability of the GSG-56 is slated for the first quarter of 2012.

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