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Gefen unveils three new control systems at CES 2012

Gefen unveils three new control systems at CES 2012


Digital connectivity solutions provider Gefen unveils three new control systems at CES, satisfying the need for anywhere/anytime control of audio/video systems without sacrificing system performance.

Professional Control Automation System (PACS)

PACS makes it simple and effective to control HDTV displays, Blu-rays, add-on switchers, distribution amplifiers, scalers and laptops from a central interface. It features a high-efficiency method of accessing audio/video devices equipped with RS-232 or IR over a networked system. Audio/video systems can be accessed from anywhere, including mobile phones, home or office computers and tablets, delivering always-on access 24/7. IR commands can be stored on PACS to remember pre-configured files or commands to easily centralize and automate audio/video access. Eight IR emitters, three RS-232 and 10 trigger outputs are provided. An Ethernet 10/100 BaseT connection is included along with a locking power supply to prevent disconnects.

Mini Professional Control Automation System (Mini-PACS)

The Mini PACS version offers the same features in a scaled down version. It is ideal for systems where equipment is not centralized in a single rack to facilitate distribution of control functions over a local network. Three IR blasters, two relays and one RS-232 port are provided in addition to the Ethernet 10/100 BaseT connection. A lower price point makes the Mini PACS affordable for smaller systems that still want anywhere/anytime access to their A/V systems.

Audio/Video Automation (AVA) System

The AVA system allows control of all audio/video devices and more through most smart phones and tablets available today. It is optimized for iPad, iPod, iPhone, Android, and similar tablets and smart phones using a solid wi-fi connection. When AVA is combined with PACS, users can operate any connected device in the home as well as the capability to control lighting and more. It is easily configured by a user-friendly wizard to define the equipment being used and where it is located. It offers the most robust features available today using a web-based GUI available for a fraction of the price that similar automation systems cost. The interface provides key information in an easy to assimilate manner so it surpasses former complex remote control options. While it is designed to run on a network, it does not require Internet access for configuration or use.

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